Groisman urged to unblock the supply of coal and to combat the smuggling on the boundary line

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman believes that the fight against smuggling necessary, but such a struggle should not endanger the power and heat supply to citizens.

“From coal produced electricity and heat. Where comes this heat? Houses, housing, apartments Ukrainian citizens. We are talking about that block the supply of coal, which there is no alternative (I think asking the experts, they will tell you this or professionals in the energy sector), it means only one thing – stop and blackouts throughout the country. Do I need bring to this – I think not,” – said the Prime Minister on air of broadcasting company “Ukraine” on Sunday.

V. Groisman said that he agreed with the need to combat smuggling, both at the state border and the demarcation line.

“If we ask if we trust to the Ukrainian border, and, in particular, the line of demarcation, regarding trade in smuggled goods – I have no confidence. And here I was ready to fully join the tough fight against smuggling, but we don’t have to declare a tough fight to Ukrainian citizens, which should be light and warm,” – said the Prime Minister.

He stressed that this struggle should not adversely affect citizens.