The nervousness of a dog depends on behavior of the host – scientists

Stress in dogs – a consequence of the nervousness of the owner, say experts from the University of Vienna.

This reported the journal PLOS One, which published the results of their research.

It turned out that watching nervous or pessimistic owner, the dog begins to consider the world around is more dangerous, the researchers believe, and therefore are more overreacted.

The experiment involved 132 samokovlija with their Pets, for which the researchers have formed a stressful situation. Animals passed through them both with owners and without. Dogs have owners who were the most neurotic, stress hormone level almost did not change and was consistently high and they were unable to cope with stress.

“In General, owners calm more calm and friendly dogs,” say the authors. According to them, the reaction of dogs in challenging situations is influenced not so much by their personal traits, as the behaviour of the master: the way he reacts to a particular situation, gives the dog understand to consider it dangerous or not.

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