Japan will launch an unmanned Ghost ships

Japanese carriers along with the crafters working on the creation of cargo ships that do not require the team, on their own plot and predict failures before they happen, reports the BBC.

These ships will be controlled using artificial intelligence, which will be able, in particular, to pave the shortest, safest and most energy-consuming course. They expect to launch by 2025. Artificial intelligence will predict breakdowns and other problems that will help to reduce the number of accidents.

The company plans to build about 250 of the unmanned ships. The creation of such technology will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The first ships of this type will still be a small team, but plan for the future is to create a completely Autonomous court.

One of the firms developing a new generation of ships, Nippon Yusen, has previously worked on technology that allows vehicles to assess the risks of collision by analyzing the data. It cooperates with the Norwegian company DNV GL, collecting and analyzing data on the state of the ship and its characteristics.

Shipbuilding company Japan Marine United, which is now working on a “smart” ships, also worked on a similar project: it was developed a system of data analysis to the ship could predict breakdowns before they happen.

The British company Rolls-Royce also announced the creation of not requiring the person cargo ships: the first model will be remotely controllable, and to introduce them into operation firm promised by 2020. The main functions will be automated, but this ship still remains the captain: he will be with sushi to follow the work of the ship and take control in a critical situation.