What weather to wait for the Ukrainians: the forecast for the week

Ukrainians this weekend expect partly cloudy weather, colder just to be on the East colder up to six degrees below zero. As reported by weather forecasters Ukrhidroenerho, at the beginning of the next week air temperature in the country will not change. Traditionally, the warmest weather will be in the Transcarpathian region. “Today,” found out what weather to expect Ukrainians in the next few days.

Weather forecast

Over the weekend in Ukraine is expected to cloudy weather. The warmest February 11, bude in the South of the country temperatures will range from two to five degrees below zero. In the East of the country the thermometer column will fluctuate between the levels four to six degrees below zero. The same weather is expected in Central and Western Ukraine. In the North – from three to five degrees below zero. On Sunday, the weather in Ukraine, as forecasters predict, will not change. On average, the thermometer will range from two to six degrees below zero.

Forecast on February 11. Photo: Ukrgidromet

In the beginning of next week Ukrainians waiting for frosty and cloudy weather. No precipitation. On Monday in Kiev, the day colder up to six degrees Celsius, and at night the thermometer drops to the level of ten degrees below zero. In Odessa – from two to four degrees Celsius in the Central and West – from three to five, on the North four to six degrees below zero. The warm weather that day will be in the Transcarpathian region – the day temperature will rise up to four degrees.

Forecast for February 13. Photo: Ukrgidromet

On Tuesday, February 14, in the East colder up to six to eight degrees below zero. In the North the temperature will drop by four to six degrees below zero. In the center and West of Ukraine, the thermometer will range from three to five degrees below zero. Coldest this day in the East of the country. So, in Kharkiv region a day colder from six to eight degrees below zero. At night the temperature drops to 16 degrees below zero.

Forecast for February 14. Photo: Ukrgidromet

National weather forecast

11 February marked the transfer of the relics of St. Ignatius of Antioch, informs a portal “Weatherman”. In former times on this day, our ancestors listened to the forest: if he roared, they waiting for the thaw.

February 12 is celebrated Cathedral of teachers and hierarchs Basil the Great, Gregory the theologian and John Chrysostom. The weather that day predicted the moon: if this night she was reddish, one would expect strong winds. And a strong wind, in turn, pointed to the wet weather: “the Wind will confuse weather to be damp year.” If the wind blew from the North, and the clouds was not prepared for the big cold.

13 Feb venerated the memory of Saint Nikita, hermit of Pechersk. The people of Saint Nikita is revered as the protector from fire, lightning and drought. Our ancestors said: if the day on February 13 appeared the frost, the snow on the night of 14-e will not, and if the snow still fell, preparing for warming. If this day the wind increased, it was believed that he would become stronger until a massive storm.

The weather on 14 of February, our ancestors judged the sky: if Tryphon the sky was full of stars, expecting late spring. If this day was snowing, it was regarded as a warning of the rainy spring. If the end of the day, the sky was covered with a misty layer of white clouds, expected soon, weather permitting. In General, the weather this day judged the weather by the end of winter: “What Trifon, so are the remaining days of February.”

February 15 marks the feast of the presentation of the Lord. What is the weather on Candlemas — and spring will come. If on Candlemas the road baremetal — spring is late and cold. If the heat is on Candlemas — spring is early and warm. “If this day snow — spring will be dogac”, that is, the spring will be long and rainy. To predict the weather could chicken: if you get drunk at a threshold water — spring is warm and early.