TOP 14 terrible machines, Sultan of Brunei

About the car collection, Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah is legendary: it is known that in several garage stores thousands of vehicles, many of which exist either in single copy or were released in limited edition on special order of the Sultan. The cost of collection is estimated at billions of dollars. But not all exclusive cars Hassanal Bolkiah uniquely beautiful, – the “Motor”.

Ferrari F50 Bolide

Their automotive treasures Hassanal Bolkiah rarely shows to the public, so the existence of many vehicles the public knows thanks to random photos not of the best quality. On the Internet it is extremely difficult to find quality photos exclusive F50 Bolide, built for the Sultan. In technical terms, this F50 has remained unchanged (the same V12 engine, the same transmission), but the new body looks very different than the original – there is a huge rear wing, and a strange trehlistna rear optics, and purely “Asian” front.

Jaguar XJ300 (Monaco XJS)

XJ300, also known as XJS Monaco, was released in an edition of 10 copies – or, rather, released, and transformed into a new model of normal XJS coupe. All of them sold to wealthy heads of state, but the car with the plate “1 of 10” received the Sultan of Brunei. Overall, not the most repulsive car, although the combination of the rounded front and straight lines of the original XJS not be called a work of art.

Ferrari Testarossa F90 Speciale

Despite the fact that six copies of F90 was delivered to the Sultan in 1988, about their existence, the public learned only at the beginning of the XXI century. The project was supervised by Enrico Fumia head of the experimental solutions bodywork Studio Pininfarina. Differences from serial machines, as in the case of the F50 Bolide was at least – a new body with removable roof panels (so-called T-top), moved to the front of the cooling radiators, new interior. But the design…

Bentley B3

In the late ’80s and early’ 90s the company Bentley is not the best way and a great role in maintaining the brand played Hassanal Bolkiah – thanks to his special orders, for which the company made a good profit, the firm of the crew were able to survive in troubled times. Bentley B3 – the joint brainchild of the British company and the Pininfarina Studio. The basis for very strange (and they were released 12 pieces) coupe was a monumental Continental R.

Ferrari Mythos

Another variation on the theme of the Testarossa – the Ferrari Mythos. The Sultan of Brunei these machines is two and one (the first search prototype) owned directly by Pininfarina. The Roadster is capable of reaching 290 km/h top speed, first revealed at the Tokyo motor show in 1989. But is better if he is an ordinary Testarossa?

Bentley Bucaneer

The car is 1996 as you know, about any of the Continental GT at the time, Bentley did not even think. However, the similarity of some elements of the Bucaneer and the Continental GT is simply amazing. Exclusive to the Sultan was made by a French Atelier Heuliez. Under the hood is a 6.75-liter V8. Know for sure about six of these machines that are built for Bolkiah, and how many of them actually – unknown.

The Bentley Rapier

In General, the Sultan of Brunei was some kind of all-consuming love for the Bentley marque. Only here the staff car he clearly did not like, and he was ordered on the basis of them something unique. From a different wagon to here such strange sedans Rapier, which was released edition of six pieces. One of them belongs to the brother of the Sultan, Jeffrey. It was his exclusive cars (including a Ferrari 456 Venice) are most commonly found in London. As for the Rapier, then in technical terms it is very close to Bucaneer: the same V8 with a turbocharger the same custom chassis ZH.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Special Series II

If the first “special edition” V8 Vantage with a retro-twist style DB4 Zagato looked, actually, fairly reasonably, the faceless second series was already clearly an Amateur. Attempt to make the appearance of a middle-aged Vantage more modern style new at that time, the DB7, was not successful. On the technical side, all three built cars of the second series repeated the most powerful Aston Martin V8 Vantage N600 600-horsepower engine and one compressor – this model served as a base.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Majestic

This car is known not so much: his design was created in the Studio Bertone, and the circulation was only two instances. Both cars, dark red and dark blue flowers, belong to the family of the Sultan. The engines are mounted from the model Flying Spur (6.75 litre V8). Information about got engines a supercharging system in the process of “transplantation” differ: some sources reported that the engines remained atmospheric and others that got on the Garrett turbine.

Rolls-Royce Black Ruby

Although technically Black Ruby belonged to the Sultan, went to him by his eccentric brother (this can explain the “original” license plate – because Jeffrey owns a yacht called SS Tits). The owner of Studio DC Design Nissan 350Z has been converted into a luxury coupe with a V12 engine, which in 2010 was sold for 1 million euros.

Ferrari FX

FX Pininfarina was a very daring and “American” on the outside and high tech on the inside. This car, created in 1995, is hardly the best work of Pininfarina, but in technical terms it is interesting: with 512M engine (and the FX is built based on it) married, sequential gearbox with paddles production Williams – Yes, racing Formula 1 team. Six of these machines still live in Brunei, and one car famous the customer canceled. Pininfarina sold free the instance number 4 dick Marconi.

The Bentley Dominator

While the world calls the first Bentayga Bentley SUV Sultan of Brunei is ready to prove that’s not true. Six off-road Dominator, at a price of three million pounds each, were delivered to the Sultan in the mid-1990s. According to the VIN-numbers of cars, there is reason to believe that luxury “the dominators” was based on the Range Rover the second generation with 4.0 – and 4.6-liter engines, which remained unchanged.

Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale

Shown at the Geneva motor show 1993 Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale Ghia from the Studio was built on the basis of… Lincoln Town Car (then, if you remember, Aston Martin was owned by Ford). Of course, to use a Ford V8 was not prestigious, so it was replaced by a 5.9-litre V12 – rumor has it that this is the same engine that appeared later on the Vanquish. Subsequently, the Ghia has released several replicas of this car (had some simplified interior, some smaller actual dimensions), but only the original prototype is owned Hassanal Bolkiah, who gave the car one and a half million pounds.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Gold Limousine

Wedding limousine for my daughter cost Hassanal Bolkiah to $ 14 million. This “rolls-Royce” no super technology, no exclusive body (well, in the aft part there is the throne for the couple), but there is a huge variety of moldings covered with 24-carat gold. Exactly who performed so exclusive order is unknown. It is not excluded that all operations were produced by the company Rolls-Royce.