Council wants to pay the judges of the constitutional court of 300 thousand hryvnias for life

The judges of the constitutional court (CC) may become the highest paid civil servants in Ukraine, if Parliament adopts without changes, the law “On the constitutional court of Ukraine”. Today it passed in the first reading.

MPs has determined that the ordinary judge, the COP will have a salary of 240 thousand UAH a month, and the Chairman — 15% more, or 276 thousand UAH. The judge also put extra charges — for the experience (maximum 40%, or 96 thousand UAH), for the degree (up to 20% or 48 thousand UAH) and others. Total judge for the month of may to 384 thousand UAH, Chairman — 420 thousand That is much more than the salary of the President of the country (almost 60 thousand UAH), or about 20 times the salary of MP (17 thousand UAH). Not to mention the fact that the average earnings in the country in 2016 — 5200 UAH, which is 85 times lower.

Also the servants of Themis offset the cost of rent and use at work of personal transport. The judge, the COP, who resigned from the post, will receive a lifetime allowance equivalent to 80% of salary, or more than 300 thousand UAH. That will allow you to bypass the pensions act, which States that the pension cannot be higher than 10 740 UAH.

According to one of the bill’s authors, MP Leonid Yemets, such a high income will allow to get rid of corruption and make the judges of the constitutional court are independent. Don’t agree with it the people’s Deputy and ex-Minister of Finance Victor Pynzenyk: “there Should be a reasonable range in pay. Salary of a government official in 85 times higher than the average salary in the country. And cannot be remuneration divorced from the state of the economy, the volume of which only 55 thousand UAH per person for 2016.”