The day of “Northern territories”: to clarify the sovereignty of the four Islands

In a speech at the Japan meeting, dedicated to the return of the Islands, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: “I and President Putin’s strong intention to put an end to the problem that exists post-war period”. The friendly enthusiasm of the Prime Minister, who wants his own hands to break the deadlock over the problem of “Northern territories”.

The problem is, will it approach to the return of four Northern Islands.


President trump speaks highly of President Putin. The question is, how will Russia perceive and relate to the Western countries? Also we should not forget that foreign governments are carefully watching the position of Japan in the negotiations with Russia.

During the meeting at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers of Russia and Japan, which took place on 1 February, the sides agreed in March to start discussions on joint economic activities on the four Islands.

During a meeting in December last year in Japan, President Putin and Prime Minister Abe has already decided on the main course.

In this regard, Japan insists that the activities are carried out in accordance with the “special system”, which will not hurt the legitimate positions of both sides. Of course, Tokyo is unable to recognize the sovereignty of the Russian side. Meanwhile, such a structure has already been discussed in the 1990-ies, and the parties failed to agree.
Impermissible in this situation to clarify the position on sovereignty in order to show that negotiations are allegedly developing.

The fact is that if you start economic cooperation in this form, it will only improve the lives of Russians living on the Islands, and will strengthen the actual control of Russia over the territories.

The USSR illegally occupied “Northern territories” violated the Soviet-Japanese neutrality Pact. It is impossible to develop negotiating, hiding this fact.

Both Russia and Japan believe that the absence of a peace Treaty is not normal. However, even odder was the fact that Russia continues to illegally hold the Islands.

President trump, not hiding his Pro-Russian stance, is interested in the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions related to the annexation of Crimea.

However, if normal refers to the fact that over time the American leader forgets about penalties against countries that violated international rules, despite the fact that the behavior of this country does not change?

From the point of view of changing the status quo by force from the annexation of Crimea and the problem of “Northern territories” the same roots. That will tell Prime Minister Abe to President Trump about anti-Russian sanctions? If he is willing to support the lifting of restrictions, it can be difficult to explain this step diplomacy of values, which was conducted over a long period.