The house of lords in the UK are threatened with dissolution media

The house of lords received a warning about its possible dissolution, if its members chose to restrict the bill to British exit from the EU. It is reported by the British broadcasting Corporation BBC, citing a government source.

“If the lords don’t want to face the strong demand of the public of the dissolution (chambers Ed.) they should protect democracy and endorse the bill,” said a government source.

The beginning of consideration of the bill is scheduled for February 20, just after the house of lords will return from winter break.

The edition “The Daily Telegraph”, in turn, said that representatives of the Conservative party in the house of lords for the first time was not in the majority, and theoretically a coalition comprised of more than 250 representatives of the labour and liberal democratic parties, with the support of independent members of the house could try to block the bill.

This paper emphasizes that in a situation when the members of the house of Commons clearly showed support for Brexit, the de facto possibility of the house of lords are limited: there can go to review the details of the proposed plan for Brexit, but are unlikely to try to place out of the EU as such.

The Minister for Brexit David Davis expressed the hope that the House of lords “to do their job and fulfill Patriotic duty, giving us the right to continue and implement these relationships.”

We will remind, on the eve of the house of Commons approved a bill to withdraw Britain from the EU. Voted for by an overwhelming majority – 494 people voted against 122 members of Parliament. The bill has successfully passed three readings and a stage of discussion in the Committee.

Earlier in January it was reported that Britain’s Supreme court rejected Prime Minister Theresa may, the opportunity to start the process Brexit without the approval of Parliament.