Again price hike: how much in 2017, the Ukrainians will manage to watch TV and wash

In March Ukrainians will have another price increase of utilities. In a few months if consumption more than 100 kWh each kilowatt will cost of 1.68 hryvnia, the hryvnia instead of 1.29. In addition, at the end of the heating season, as experts predict, may increase gas, and with it, hot water and heating. The website “Segodnia” found out how much it will cost Ukrainians communal in 2017 that will rise in price and how to pay less.

Expensive water

The volume of a standard bath – 350 litres. To take a bath, residents will have to pay more than 20 USD (one litre of hot water costs 8.3 cents). Approximately 30 liters of water, Ukrainians spend on washing your face and brushing your teeth daily is about 2.5 hryvnia. Going to the toilet (cubic meter of cold water costs of 13.43 UAH), provided if you installed a standard toilet tank with a volume of 6 liters of water costs 8 cents.

About 20-30 liters of water every day Ukrainians spend on cooking (if using cold water, which is about 30 cents). According to the regulations of supply, the average resident of Kiev for a month requires 4.5 cubic metres of water.

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The price on the “blessings of civilization”:

  • Take a bath – more than 20 hryvnia
  • Wash in hot water – 2,5 hryvnia
  • To go to the toilet – 8 cents
  • To cook – 30 cents

According to the law “On housing and communal services”, two minutes later after opening the tap water temperature should fluctuate in the range of 50-75 degrees. If the hot water temperature is 45-49 degrees, to pay for it for 10% less. Thus, the current rate of “Kyivenergo” – is 83.1 hryvnia per cubic meter of hot water. According to the Cabinet of Ministers regulations, the family of three per month uses a 4.8 cubic meters of hot water. If the water temperature is, for example, 50 and 49 degrees, instead of 398,8 USD can pay 358 hryvnias (10% less). If the temperature at the tap 40 to 44 degrees – you can pay 30% less, that is, 279,1, not 398,8 hryvnia. If the temperature is below 40 degrees for hot water you can pay the tariff on cold water.

Standards for hot water:

  • 50-75 degree – pay 100%
  • 45-49 degrees – pay 90%
  • 40-44 degrees – pay 70%
  • Less than 40 degrees – to pay the tariff on cold water

In addition, the law establishes that to turn off the hot water no more than six hours per night (subject to sustainable water supply) and not more than 10 days per month (30% of time providing services). That is, if no hot water for two weeks, you can pay partly for each day of “delay” the amount in the payment per month needs to decrease by 3.3%.

How much light

In 2015 the national Commission decree №220 approved a gradual increase in the cost of electricity. The last stage falls on March of 2017. In the beginning of the year, Ukrainians will pay for each kWh when the consumption is less than 100 kW 71.4 penny, and from the first of March – 90 cents. If consumption more than 100 kWh each kWh until March, worth 129 cents, and after Mar – 168 cents.For example, if the family uses 200 kWh per month, until the first of March will have to pay for electricity to 200, 4 hryvnia, and after March 2017 – 258 hryvnia.

As a result, until March (at the rate of 1.29 UAH per kilowatt) for one hour enabled TV’s average power will cost 64 cents, and after Mar – 80 cents. Read a book under the light bulbs with 100 watts will cost 12 cents to the price increase, and 16 after. The average computer with monitor wound electricity at 38 cents to the price of 50 cents after revising the tariff.

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  • Watch TV 1 hour – 80 cents
  • Read a book under the light of a Desk lamp 1 hour, 16 cents
  • Spend an hour at the computer – 58 cents

Experts in the field of energy efficiency suggest: the fastest way to save on electricity is to install energy-saving lamps. The lamp power of 0.022 kWh you can buy for 98 USD. For example, to replace all the bulbs in a Studio apartment (for one lamp in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the hallway and the bathroom and three in the chandelier in the room) will need 686 USD.

If the lamp power of 75 W in the hallway for two hours a day, in the toilet – an hour in the bathroom 3 hours in the kitchen – 5 hours in the room – 6 hours per month only for “light” typed 65,2 kW. At the same time, energy-saving lamps will spend in the same conditions 19 kW.

How to pay less

An expert in the field of energy efficiency Anna Shumeiko says: for the month hundreds of liters of water gets wasted. Now every family can start saving water by using a few simple tips. You first need to install lever taps. According to the expert, during the year, these taps will save up to 300 hryvnia.

In addition, the expert recommends:

To change or “upgrade” to a cistern. Experts also suggest to change the cistern in the toilet for one that uses less water. You can buy a special tank with energy-saving system, which controls the flow of water, or just set into the tank filled with water plastic bottle – this will help reduce the volume of water in the tank.

A new washing machine. Washing machine with energy class A+ and higher will help to save tens of gallons of water. Also the washing machine should fill, but not overload, as this increases the electricity consumption.

Washing the dishes is not running water and to save water. To save water should also install shower heads and faucets with low-flow or spray onto the faucet. In addition, many, as the polls, forget to turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Take a shower and not a bath. Taking a shower within five minutes, consumed a maximum of 100 liters of water and filling the bath, you need more than 200 liters.

It should be noted that the cost of hot water for the Ukrainians is different in different regions. So, in Kuznetsovsk of Rivne region 14,88 cubic meters worth UAH, and clients as one of CTV in Dnepropetrovsk will be forced to pay 85,83 UAH for the same amount of hot water.