Why is it important to wash the sports uniforms after each workout

Leggings, sports bras and tops need washing more often than any other things. But some girls are too lazy to change them, and put the same form in two or even three times in a row.

Of course, leggings can seem deceptively clean the next day. They dry quickly, almost no smell, and thanks to the black color gives the impression that they never wore. But don’t let the magic fool you. Any thing after a workout is just teeming with bacteria. When you decide to wear them again, heat and sweat, which are excreted during exercise, give a second life to micro-organisms. And if you felt in the room the sharp smell of sweat, know this – 90% of it comes from unwashed clothes.

In addition to the bad smell, dirty leggings can trigger vaginitis and yeast infection. So try to rinse and squeeze the form immediately after your workout before you throw it in the bag. This will help to kill the bacteria and eliminate the smell before the subsequent wash.


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