Scientists have found a new way to treat cancer

Patients with end-stage cancer can be treated more effectively when immersed in hibernation.

On this approach, told the Italian radiologist Marco Durante in the framework of the meeting of the American society for the advancement of science.

According to the scientist, artificial hibernation of cancer patients could protect them from side effects of radiotherapy stops tumor growth. This idea Durant brought many years of experiments on animals, put into a state of hibernation.

There were also cases when subjected to prolonged exposure to the cold people into hibernation – they have not listened to the heartbeat, the body temperature decreased by 2-3 times. However, after the help of doctors they were, not having received significant damage.

According to experts, this treatment will allow doctors to use higher doses of radiation without fear of harm to the patient. While the study was conducted only on rats, but was successful. If the experimental method successfully passes all required tests, during the 10 years he already will be used for the treatment of humans.