At MIP are no resources to counter Russian propaganda – Bidenko

The Ministry of information policy no resources to fight the Russian propaganda. This was stated by state Secretary of the Ministry of information policy Artem Bidenko, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“The state, the more our Ministry, there are not enough resources in order to quickly find a fake. There are no experts who say that: “Here, on these grounds we see that the shot is something false”. Therefore, all the hope that as quickly as possible community organizations will be able to find such things,” Bidenko said.

He noted that the role of MIP zakljuchaetsja funding for the publication of the rebuttal of false information.

According to the state Secretary of the Ministry, it is very difficult to monitor the presence of Ukrainian channels on the occupied territory, but some data still can collect.

“It’s quite difficult to tell because the monitoring is not carried out formal public methods, and those people who are there and can monitor it isn’t always affordable. There is information that caught a number of TV channels in Donetsk, for example, “channel 5″, had broadcast to which I was invited, and who had actually seen the people in Donetsk, because his goal was to Express their support. But a constant monitoring is impossible in principle, because it is not the territory”, – said the Secretary of state.