Former Polish President distanced himself from cooperation with intelligence services

Former Polish President Lech Walesa rejected the accusations of collaboration with the Communist secret services in Poland. He stated in Gdansk, reports UKRINFORM.

He said that could with the help of handwriting experts to prove that has nothing to do with the Communist secret services.

“I swear that never worked, but I had my own methods of struggle. I can invite 100 of graphologists who come to the opposite conclusion, ” said Walesa.

He stressed that none of the documents that are checked graphology, does not belong to him.

“I’ve never been on that side,” added Walesa.

We will note, in February 2016 in Poland , a scandal erupted around a possible cooperation Walesa with the secret services of Communist Poland. The ex-President noted that he had not collaborated with the secret services, but “made a mistake” and “cannot reveal the truth.” However, he expected that “it will make the culprit of the situation.”

Graphological examination of the case on suspicion of Lech Walesa, in cooperation with the secret services of Communist Poland proved that the ex-President for many years was agent of the secret services of the Polish people’s Republic.