That raised new decrees trump?

The new US President signs a decree for the decree. However, until now, he has fulfilled only part of his campaign promises. In the coming days can be signed new decrees.

Barack Obama signed an average of about 35 decrees in a year and Donald trump has reached a number of “decrees” in a few weeks. The ban on the entry wall on the Mexican border, the construction of the controversial pipeline — the new US President adopts a decree for the decree.

However, until now, he has realized only part of his campaign promises. According to estimates of the Washington Post, during the campaign he gave 282 promises.

60 of them are listed in his “Contract with the American voter,” which he presented two weeks before the election. D 36 cases trump even promised to deliver “the first day”.

Do not expect that the new President will suddenly stop to sign the decree. Instead, you should ask which one will be next.

1. “The Manipulator” China

China invented climate change to destroy the economy of America. China is to blame for the devastation of a once developing regions. China steals the country’s factories and jobs. According to Donald trump, China is robbing US.


The people’s Republic was his favorite opponent. And in the first day in office he announced that he was going to fight it. Trump wanted the Treasury gave China the status of a currency manipulator. Because Beijing, says trump, artificially reduces the value of the yuan to stimulate exports. This assessment, which are unlikely to agree analysts.

Still trump did nothing in this area. But what if he will fulfill this promise? First — nothing special.

A concrete measure would be a ban for the US government to encourage investment by American companies in China. The problem is that this is an empty threat. After the massacre in Tiananmen square in 1989, Washington has done this.

In the long term the situation could become alarming if the trump is determined. Attaching to the label China currency manipulator would be a provocation, and the provocation not from the election campaign of the candidate, and the official, initiated by the government.

America’s relationship with China may suffer even more than now. Such a scenario does not want any investor, because it will be a huge burden for the global economy.

2. Reduced funding for the UN

The United States annually paid the United Nations some eight billion dollars, three billion of which — on the peacekeeping operation. It’s too much, says Donald trump.

The President plans to reduce his country’s contribution by 40%. At least. Release the money trump wants to send to update the infrastructure of the United States, the construction of new highways, bridges, Railways.

This would be a radical step that would harm the UN, and certainly would have meant the end of certain international operations. Still, the Americans remained the most important sponsor of the organization. They are responsible for 22% of the total budget and 28% of the costs of peacekeepers.

This promise trump is still in standby mode. Appropriate orders trump has already prepared, but his advisers fear lengthy court battles. Now they’re checking the bill. There’s still time: the promise is included in the 100 day programme of trump.

3. A new border tax

A block of six bottles of Corona beer costs on average $ 13. Yet. Soon the beer from Mexico might appreciate. The Americans will have to give 14.6 per dollar, if trump sells another promise of his 100-day programs: introduction of border tax.

He needs to force foreign companies to stay away from the country. And eliminate the benefits associated with placing plants in other countries for American companies. For example, in Mexico, where wages in some places is 30 dollars a day, not $ 30 per hour, as in “rust belt” of America’s old industrial region in the northeast.

Fighting trump globalization has already begun. Participation in TRANS-Pacific trade partnership it is already canceled, there are still negotiations on the North American agreement NAFTA.

A border tax would be his next attack on free trade. He is hard hit by such companies as Corona. The company last year exported to the United States about three billion bottles of beer.

But will suffer and American corporations. For example, the restaurant chain Chipotle, which buys in Mexico 43 tons of avocados every day, and clothing manufacturers who make it abroad. Or automakers whose cars collected outside the United States.

Economists assume that companies will pass the costs on to their customers. Or, if they do not, they will have to lay off employees to save.

Border tax which should stimulate the American economy, in fact it will probably hurt.

4. The end of consolidation

American companies are frustrated. Donald trump promised considerable relief in the matter of taxes for corporations: the bid has been reduced from 35 to 15%.

But Republicans say they will reform until the spring. In addition, do not feel the promised tramp relief and the middle class. Here, the President will have a hard time if he wants to stick to my 100-day period.

But if he made the promise, this is the program-commit Hara-Kiri. Tax cuts is one thing, but trump wants at the same time investing hundreds of billions in infrastructure.

Less income, more expenses: in the short term it will help the American economy, economists say. But in the long run it can become a problem.

The Committee for a responsible Federal budget, has calculated that if trump sells this item to its programme, the debt of America in the next ten years will increase by 127% of gross domestic product. It is approximately equal to the crisis EU countries — Portugal and Italy.