Father and daughter spent 27 days at sea on a broken catamaran (video)

A resident of New Zealand Alan Langdon (Alan Langdon), together with six-year-old daughter Kay spent 27 days at sea on a broken six-meter catamaran, failing to cross the Tasman sea and end up in Australia. TJ reported with reference to RNZ.

Langdon and his daughter left the new Zealand harbour Kochia 17 Dec. As was stated by the man he had planned to get to Bay of Islands in the North-East of the country, but soon after the start of the trip was a storm, during which, according to the statement of the man, one of the rudders of the catamaran broke down and the ship became unmanageable.

Six-meter catamaran Langdon. Photo Greg Nelson, ABC

The man could not get in touch with the land, so four days after the start of the trip about the disappearance of a pair of said mother Kay, Irene Wyler (Wyler Ariane), who lives separately from Langdon. After this, the authorities began a search of the catamaran and notify Interpol. At the same time a man with a daughter covered a distance of 2600 kilometers.

The idea is to try to steer the ship in Australia came up Langdon after the New year, which father and daughter said on Board.

“I knew that we would end up somewhere in Australia. And know that we have enough clean water. It was only a matter of time, and I didn’t want to rush the process,” – says a resident of New Zealand Alan Langdon.

During the trip, father and daughter had no problems with food and water, as Langdon, an experienced traveler and sailor, pre-prepared supplies in case of emergency. Thanks to 10 January 2017, the father of a child successfully docked in Australian port of Ulladulla, located 230 kilometres North of Sydney.

A NZ yachtsman and his 6yo daughter have drifted into the NSW South Coast after being missing for three weeks pic.twitter.com/laHj6oXm33

— ABC News 24 (@ABCNews24) 12 Jan 2017

While Langdon with his daughter were on the way, the mother of six children Irene Weiler hired a specialist in pediatric rehabilitation from Australia, which was also found missing and assumed what Langdon would deliberately sail with her daughter to Australia.

Earlier, Wyler had already hired this expert because of the fact that Langdon along with her daughter spent a year living in rural areas in New Zealand. The woman also believed that Langdon can go to Australia on a catamaran.

“He knows the sea understands the wind, he is familiar with these things. He is a very capable man. Knows how to deal with problematic situations,” says Irene Weiler, mother of Kay Langdon.

When the missing turned up in Australia, Weiler thanked the authorities for looking. However, hired by a woman specialist in pediatric rehabilitation stated that Langdon must stand trial for illegally entered the territory of Australia. The authorities promised to clarify the circumstances and to decide whether to indict Langdon and refer the case to the court.

Travel route Langdon

The journey of a man and his daughter on a catamaran commented experienced yachtsman Alan Patti from Nelson. He noted that the catamaran Langdon was of quality material and was able to swim from New Zealand to Australia. However, the man rebuked Langdon because he took the journey of a child.

“I can say that the weather [during the trip] was really terrible, but just to confirm it will not work. The man is obviously a professional sailor, but it was extremely foolhardy to take a sail of six children,” says the sailor from Nelson, Alan Patty.