Ukrainian Antonov showed off their size with other airlines

Boeing airline on his Twitter page decided to show off his over-sized cargo plane Boeing Dreamlifter. And it caused a little competition among airlines, writes 24 TV channel.

“Say Hello to our Boeing Dreamlifter,” wrote the SMM executives of American airlines and accompanied the message with images of the plane and a link to an article about it in Popular Science.

Say hello to the #Boeing Dreamlifter, our plane-carrying plane. @PopSci

— Boeing Airplanes (@BoeingAirplanes) January 19, 2017

In response to this greeting French airline Airbus wrote: “Hello,” and added a photo of their Airbus 300-600ST Beluga, the transport aircraft used to transport cargo of large size.

Joined the conversation Ukrainian “Antonov”. “Hey friends!”, – posted by SMM-Manager and added a photo of the Antonov An-225 “Mriya”, which is the largest and most powerful in the world transport aircraft.

@BoeingAirplanes @Airbus Hey, guys!

— Antonov Company (@AntonovCompany), 20 January 2017

After that, the users of social networks began to write that in this competition won the An-225.

“We agree, we can’t compete”, – wrote the representative of Airbus.

Previously Antonov boasted of performing complex flight elements. So, Military transport aircraft An-32, despite his size, managed to perform aerobatics.