The growth of communal stimulates Ukrainians to take shelter in rent

The cost of maintenance of apartments is pushing the rental market, after years to keep closed the “extra” apartment, as it was before, now, unfortunately, does not work.

Says the Director of realty company “Golden gate” Alex Holmetsky: “Apartments could stand long empty, and now many continue to be empty. People don’t want to mess with renting, because the relationship of the tenant and the landlord are not always the most pleasant — there are non-payment, it is necessary to solve various problems… This is not the passive income, which is a dream of many, he can still be so active, that will not be happy”. But the extra apartments already worked up an appetite, swallowing appreciable proportion of family budgets.

“But we are still waiting for the next stage of rise in price “communal” — recalls the leading specialist marketing Department SV Development Sergey Kostecki. Plus, together with increased minimum wages and increased the estate tax”.

OFFER. As a result, according to Alexey Holmetsky, homeowners will have additional motivation to enter the rental market. “This applies to those pensioners who, by the way, that have to pass. At least a room,” says Holmetsky.

“People are trying to find some money to pay for the “communal”.
podtverjdaet Director of the Agency “New address” Tatiana Kotenko.

As a result, the market noted a significant increase in supply. “If last year in Kiev the average offered 25-26 thousand apartments to rent, but now they have about 40 thousand,” — gives the example of Sergey Kostecki.

DEMAND. On the other hand, demand is slow to respond to offer in return. The strengthening of tax pressure has reduced the real incomes of the population and business activity, so the number of transactions in the rental market decreases. And of those transactions, that is, the majority of them are moving to cheaper apartments. “Today, more and more people seek to reduce the cost of housing, — says Tatiana Kotenko. — Became a massive trend when people I share a flat for a few people.”

PRICES. However, according to Alexei Holmetsky, the question of reducing the rental prices. “The prices that has now arisen, even depreciation do not cover, — confirms Sergey Kostecki. — Man a couple of years rents an apartment to rent, and that he’ll get won’t even cover the cost of repairs.” But in the regions (except cities of Odessa, Lvov), the situation may be very different from the capital: according to Alex Holmetsky, in the province are not uncommon cases where the landlord only for payment of “communal”.