In Transcarpathia, the police-students

Yesterday in Ukraine on your first watch out the cops schoolchildren. Now the assistants of the patrol police will keep order in the school, to monitor truants and smokers and tell them about the Rules of the road. “Today” has learned about the rights and responsibilities of the school the cops and whether the innovation is implemented throughout the country.

Ukraine’s first educational institution with its own cops became a school in the village Korytniany in the Transcarpathian region. School patrol consists of 11 students (students in grades 7-10), which completed a three-week special training and yesterday solemnly took the oath.

“This is our pilot project, we are the pioneers — tells us the head of the patrol police of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo mayor Yuri Martsinishin. — When we offered the cooperation of the students, they were surprised and interested. Wishing it was a lot (of 30 students. — Ed.) but we chose only 10 from 7-10 grades. However, exceptionally, the police school and became a pupil of the 6th class, which has shown good results”.

Police tell us that conventionally, “service” school cops can be divided into three stages. “The first school. Patrols will identify persistent absentees and those who are constantly late to class, who is Smoking inside the school walls. In the second phase we will teach them the rules of behavior on the road, to promote a healthy lifestyle — then they will hold classes in other classes, says Martensen. And already at the third stage, want to take children on a joint foot patrol of the streets. If we find a violation, then making sure that the child is not in danger, will give him the opportunity to make a comment. Perhaps the offender will have a greater psychological effect.” Cops say that with the project, I would like first to remove the barrier of mistrust that was many years between the society and the police, and now police.

WILL RECORD EVERYTHING. “Today” talked with the young cops. Now they will go to classes in a form identical to the police, and the change to patrol the school corridors in search of troublemakers. One of them, a ninth-grader Victor says that with the advent of patrol at school, other students became more reserved and became less naughty, is looking at innovation. “The school is divided into sectors, each of which was yesterday at the two “cops”. While there were no violations”, — it is important told us the Victor. One of the few girls in the patrol, the eighth-grader Danielle says as well as others, will tell violators that those continue to not be rude to teachers and correctly crossing the road. “If anything turns up, inform the class teacher” — told us the patrol. “They have drawn up a Rota of who will be on duty, — has told the Deputy Director of school Diana Danko. — All violations to be recorded in writing, and children will participate in the student Council for the prevention of violations. If someone violates the order, then such students will be called for the interview. In addition, project participants will have the right to attend meetings”.

The cops are surprised

We interviewed real police officers in other regions said that pleasantly surprised by the initiative of the Transcarpathian colleagues. “Most cops, and so cooperate with schools, conduct preventive conversations with pupils. In Transcarpathia decided to go to a new level. But it is too early to say how good this idea — need to see how the work of school patrols with classmates” — believe cops.

Psychologist: the experiment may lead to a split

Despite the advantages of the project, which they say koritsanszky teachers and police officers, the Association of children’s and family psychologists assess innovation with restraint. “The idea behind the experiment is interesting and useful, — told the “Today” head of the Association Sergey Krasin. — But not so good in the patrol are involved, not all children, but only some selected elite. This could be the reason for the split between children. It would be better if the experiment would be attended by all students. The following is a form. In the first place is a school, not the police! The statutory regime in this case is extreme, it’s not very nice when children are under the supervision of like “police” inside the school. And the last one. It is important to cycle. The role of the “COP” should not be prolonged, that is worked a bit, and then changed. Those who are familiar with the essence of the Stanford prison experiment in 1971, I know this group of students was divided into two: the “guards” and “prisoners”. The result of the experiment: many of the “inmates” have received psychological trauma, and some “guards” appeared sadistic tendencies. That is, the risks are”. Sergey Krasin said that he, as a psychologist, be interested in the results of the Carpathian project, so I will try to track down information about “the pilot”.