In the Nikolaev area intensified online scammers

When buying goods on prepayment or on the Internet indicating the number of your credit cards, people became victims of scams. About it reported in a press-service GU of NP in the Nikolaev area.

“In Voznesensky the police Department GUNP in the Nikolaev area I addressed 34-the summer local who reported that on one of the Internet sites he ordered the car. Agreeing with the “seller” by phone, the man turned 3100 $ to a Bank account specified by the interlocutor, and when I tried again to contact to clarify details of the individual ordered, that this room was not”, – told in a press-service of the Nikolaev regional police.

According to police, suffer from fraud and those who want to sell their things.

So, 44-the summer inhabitant of Nikolaev wanted to sell his camera, she was contacted by potential buyers and asked for the number of its credit card, allegedly for money transfer. After that, the phone woman received a message of withdrawal from her account 36 thousand UAH.

The cops also told about the Scam, which operated under the guise of Bank employees.

37-the summer inhabitant of Nikolaev called the man, who introduced himself as a Bank employee and said that because of failures in the banking system that may lose all the funds in the account.

“The source assured that the problem can be solved right now, but this victim was required to report any information. The woman called the unknown secret your Bank card information, and after a few minutes he received an SMS about the withdrawal from her account 1000 hryvnias”, – told in a press-service GU of NP in the Nikolaev area.

The cops have started criminal proceedings on the facts of fraud, we are now looking for offenders.

Earlier it was reported that motorists of Ukraine are increasingly turning to law enforcement agencies because of new fraud.