Sudden change in the weather in Ukraine: forecast for the week

In Ukraine this week is expected cold snap. According to the forecast Ukrgidromettsentra, the temperature drops to 15 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, the night turned cold to 22 degrees below zero. By Friday, forecasters predict snowfalls. The website “Segodnia” find out what weather to wait for the Ukrainians this week.

The forecast for the week

On Tuesday, the seventh of February in Ukraine is expected cold snap. Throughout the country, except in the Chernihiv, Sumy, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions, precipitation is expected. So, in the capital on that day will be a snow, the day temperature will drop to 12 degrees below zero. In the Central regions the temperature drops to 9-11 degrees below zero during the day and up to 14 degrees of a frost at night.

In the South of the country will be rain with sleet, temperature will vary between five to seven degrees below zero. Coldest this day in the East up to 15 degrees below zero.

The weather on the seventh of February. Photo: Reuters

In the West Ukrgidromettsentra forecasters predict snowfall of up to seven degrees in the afternoon. Relatively warm weather is expected in the Transcarpathian region – up to two degrees Celsius. In the North, colder to 11-15 degrees below zero.

Eighth February in the East and in some areas in the North – partly cloudy. The temperature in these regions will vary between 13-15 degrees by day and 22 degrees at night. In the South, in Kherson and Zaporozhye, it will take a little snow. The temperature will range between the five-seven degrees below zero.

The weather on the eighth of February. Photo: Reuters

In the center, in the West and in the capital the snow. While in the Central regions is expected temperatures to 12 degrees of a frost, in the West – from five to eight degrees below zero during the day.

Thursday light snow will be held in Mykolaiv and Odessa oblasts, on the rest of the country – partly cloudy. The air temperature in the South will fall to nine degrees below zero in the West to seven, in the center, on the North, East and in the capital – up to 12 degrees below zero.

The weather forecast on the ninth of February. Photo: Reuters

On Friday, February 10, in Ukraine air temperature will fluctuate within seven to ten degrees during the day. The snow will be held in Chernihiv, Sumy and Poltava oblasts, on the rest of the country – partly cloudy.

Forecast for February 10. Photo: Reuters

National weather forecast

Seventh of February, informs a portal “the weather man”, the day of memory of Prelate Grigory Bogoslova. In the old days on this day was judged on the future winter. What this day is from morning to noon, and this is the first half of next winter, and the weather from noon to PM indicates the second half of winter. A dense fog heralded the murrain, and clear weather spoke that will be a good year.

Eighth Feb revered the memory of the venerable Xenophon and his wife Mary. In the old days to predict the weather our ancestors helped the mouse: if Xenophon they came up from under the snow, you should wait for the thaw. In the old day were afraid of storms, because it pointed to a bad harvest in the coming year: “the Storm on the house — bad food”.

The ninth of February marks the transfer of the relics of St. John Chrysostom from Coman to Constantinople. Despite the fact that this month is coldest, this day happened to thaw. But they were short. So the people said: “the February thaw is worth nothing”. On this day our ancestors watched the clouds: if the clouds go against the wind to the snow. The snowfall also pointed out the smoke from the chimney: if he was rolling on the ground with no wind expected snow.

Friday is revered the memory of the monk Ephrem the Syrian. In people, this day is called Ephraim Windlifter. People were afraid of the wind February 10, as he foreshadowed the damp, cold summer. Therefore, I say: “Not good Efremov summer wind”. We heard the observations of snow: if fallen during the night, the snow remains on the branches of trees, and the earth melts.

11 February marked the transfer of the relics of St. Ignatius of Antioch. In former times on this day, our ancestors listened to the forest: if he roared, they waiting for the thaw. It is believed that from the third to the February 11 passes seven frosty mornings, when the frost is particularly rampant. The weather that day was often fickle, and therefore it was said: “and a warm caress, and frost down”.