Stec commented on possible changes to the holidays of March 8 and may 9

Each person himself solves, to celebrate any day or not, but at the national level need to establish the appropriateness of certain holidays. So says the Minister of information policy Yuriy stets, reports

In his opinion, people are not allowed to impose or take holidays, therefore, this issue has not been discussed.

“In my family don’t celebrate March 8. Speaking about 9 May, I don’t think that should be a celebration that killed tens of millions of people. It should be a Day of memory, he’s also on 8 may. This is only my opinion… If we talk about the people, is a question for him. I don’t think it is possible to artificially impose or take holidays. The question is whether it should be a red day in the calendar, we have to decide. The issue was not yet on the agenda. It is a human right to celebrate or not to celebrate a particular holiday,” – said stets.

As reported, the Ukrainian national memory Institute (the Institute) has prepared a draft law that will “decompensirovanny” public holidays. So, it is planned to amend the may holidays, and to cancel the celebration on March 8.