In the UK, a puppy was born with green hair (photo)

The UK has had puppies Labrador Retriever with green wool. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the owners of an unusual animal, a puppy was born very dark. Initially, the owners thought he was black, but then noticed the green tide wool.

“We laughed and said “well, no, green dogs does not happen,” — said the publication of the owner of the pet Elani Cooper. Other puppies from this litter have a pale yellow color. Their mother named Millie brown wool.

According to Daily Mail, an unusual color caused by high content of biliverdin in the placenta of the dog. This substance is an intermediate breakdown product of hemoglobin. On the health of the puppy is not affected, green color will wash off in a few weeks.

Labrador gives birth to a GREEN puppy

— Animal Trends (@Animalolizer) 6 Feb 2017

Puppy named Fifi in honor of the character from the cartoon “Shrek”, Princess Fiona. The owners plan to sell Fifi and her brothers when they grow up.