A pair of Russian tourists wanted to spend a night in a hospital bed, as they had no money for a hotel

The first of February in a private hospital of the city district of Yibin in Sichuan, China suddenly appeared a young Russian couple. The girl and the young man with a huge backpack on her back immediately went to the emergency room and went straight to the hospital. When employees began to learn about the status of the “patients” turned out to be that the guys are completely healthy. After much questioning we found out that young people just didn’t have the money for a hotel, and they decided to stay in the hospital.

A married couple from Russia travels to China, while spending a minimum of means. This time their plan was to travel from Chengdu city, Sichuan province, in urban district of Kunming, located in Yunnan province. So in a passing car they arrived in Yibin, but the money for the hotel they did not have. Perhaps due to the fact that neither of them speaking Mandarin, seeing the Ngoma hospital, they immediately decided that it is possible to spend the night.

In the hospital it is forbidden to leave overnight, but Mr. Wang, the son-in-law duty, showed concern for the travelers and decided to take them to the nearest hotel. Soon it became known that the aliens can settle only in hotels for foreigners, and then Mr. Wang himself has made for the guys 538 yuan (about 4500 rubles — approx. ed.). The couple were very grateful to the hospital staff and asked to be photographed together with Wang on the memory. The next day they left the hotel.