In the GPU called the Deposit, which in London has made the former head of “UkrSpetsExport”

Detained in London the former head of “UkrSpetsExport” Sergei Bondarchuk made a pledge in the amount of 75 thousand pounds (2.5 million hryvnia – ed.) to release from custody. This was reported by press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Larisa Sargan.

As reported earlier today, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared detention on March 15 in London the former head of the state company “UkrSpetsExport” Bondarchuk.

“March 15th the extradition process in London was placed under arrest another “hero” of Ukraine – former head of “UkrSpetsExport” Sergei Bondarchuk,” – said Lutsenko.

Later, Sargan informed that Bondarchuk was released on bail, but its amount is not specified.

She also noted that on March 24 in London for a hearing, which will determine the date for extradition hearing in the case of a novel.