Europe looks at itself, to cope with important external challenges

La Valletta, Malta — the Solution to any crisis begins with the fact that a person finds the strength to understand, which is the same result he seeks.

It was so, when the heads of States and governments of EU countries on Friday started the discussion gathered under the bright sun in the azure Mediterranean sea along the rocky shores of Malta for their first meeting at the highest level this year, to have a serious talk about the future of Europe.

Common tasks dictated by the growing nationalism in Europe, reinforced by the decision of the British withdrawal from the EU, but their decision became even more important after the change of U.S. policy after the inauguration of President Donald trump.

The goal is to produce a joint Statement, where 27 members of the Union, namely to this number soon reduced the EU, on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the organization on 25 March will renew marital vows to each other, to be able at least to meet the challenge shoulder to shoulder and on a solid Foundation of shared values and a shared vision for the future of Europe.

The Chancellor of Germany after arriving at the meeting put it this way:

“I said that Europe’s future is in its own hands. The clearer we define the role we play in the world, the better we will be able to take care of our transatlantic interests. A priority for me in the debate is Europe — and no other part of the world”.

Through cooperation we have become rich

Prime Minister Lars løkke Rasmussen (Left party) share this position.

“The signal we serves to Trump and the rest of the world is that we in Europe stick to our values, namely, to trade with each other and interact with each other. This also applies to ourselves. Because of the tendency to protectionism is, in the European debate, it is necessary to remind each other that we have become rich thanks to the joint trade and activities”.

Some leaders, such as Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern, said that the uncompromising course of trump in relation to the freedom of trade, refugees and the EU could serve as a “catalyst for increased cooperation in Europe.”

But it may happen something quite the opposite. Populist rhetoric trump directed against free trade, against refugees and especially Muslims, as well as signals saying that we need to restore relations with Russia, do the differences that exist in Europe, even deeper.

In Hungary and Poland welcome the changing of the guard in the White house, while in other countries a tone more critical. Now there is great disagreement as to what should they say in the Statement, which, like the Roman treatise, which underlies the EU will be signed in the Italian capital.

This has reinforced the ambition of the Italians. Italy would like to have large text, which we would have talked about greater integration in Europe and on deepening the social dimension in cooperation in the framework of the EU. Countries such as Denmark, in contrast, prefer a short text which would have emphasized the common values, but above all practical solutions to migration issues, security and growth, the solution of which the EU can contribute to.

“We must focus on how to give the Europeans the answers to the questions that they ask before thinking about the implementation of large integration projects. Cooperation in the framework of the EU suggests that we have to offer solutions,” said Lars løkke Rasmussen.

It is symbolic and important

This discussion, launched by EU leaders last night, and deeply symbolic Statement should help determine how United the participants views on the course of European Union. And it is the task of President of the European Council Donald Tusk to gather the troops and to infuse real content into the Statement, because, as he said, the Prime Minister of Malta, Chairman of the EU, Joseph Muscat, “to achieve unity for the sake of unity is not enough.”

Las løkke Rasmussen is optimistic.

“You can look at it from another angle of view. If it weren’t for the EU, crises like the immigration crisis associated with Africa, the same would have happened, but our ability to solve them individually would have been not so great. So for me, the close cooperation within the EU has no alternative”.

In some areas the situation may even include benefits, continued the Prime Minister. The trump decision on whether to send to the dustbin a big free trade agreement with 12 countries in the Pacific region and Asia, including Japan, may, for example, to give a new impetus to the negotiations on free trade between the EU and Japan:

“Politics often is a game with zero amounts, so that if someone leaves the stage, there is room for other. It is therefore important that this new situation after the American elections, would not have led to the fact that we remain only with negative emotions, sat and talked about American politics instead of thinking about what we can do. What was the role of Europe and are there any areas in particular, and in the international arena in which we can do more than before. This can become a positive force”.

Plan to solve immigration crisis

The support of the Italian plan aimed at combating the flow of migrants


  • Friday was good weather to sail. So many illegal migrants have departed from Libyan shores to Europe via the Mediterranean sea. Rescue ships have picked up nearly 1,000 people while the largest percentage saved per day this year.
  • To slow down this stream, which is expected to grow, the EU leaders at their meeting in Malta on Friday, supported by Italy plan. This plan will make more difficult the use of the Central Mediterranean route will help to reduce the number of victims and will create better conditions for migrants caught in a difficult situation in Libya.

The plan consists of 10 points. Here are the most important


  • The Libyan coast guard are required to train, Fund and supply the necessary equipment. It is expected that Italy will provide approximately 10 vessels, which it provided to the country in times of former leader Muammar Gaddafi, but then confiscated.
  • Increased efforts are needed in order to destroy the business model of the people smugglers behind the trafficking of illegal migrants.
  • Need to support local communities in coastal areas to generate income they have not fallen into dependence on illegal traffickers.
  • Need to intensify cooperation with the UN Commission for refugees (UNHCR) and the International organization for migration (IOM) to improve the conditions in the camps for migrants caught in a difficult situation.
  • Together with UNHCR and IOM should create conditions for migrants wishing to return home voluntarily.
  • It is necessary to conduct information campaigns targeted at migrants in Libya and countries from where the migrants come from migrants in order to prevent as many potential migrants to hit the road.
  • To intensify cooperation with Libya and its neighbouring countries to provide more effective control of the border crossing.