Zhirinovsky “lit” in the disco (video)

Odious Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky showed “class” dance at the party on the occasion of the 30 th Congress of the liberal democratic party. The corresponding video is published on his page in Facebook

Note that the politician known for his outrageous statements, but this time he decided to surprise dances.

First, Zhirinovsky gave the opportunity to take pictures with him, and then he went to dance: the leader of the liberal democratic party took the hand of a little boy and a popular youth song “gone rogue”.

It is worth noting that a politician has repeatedly noted the harsh statements about Ukraine, but did not hesitate to dance to the songs of the Ukrainian band.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky at the disco at the end of the 30-th Congress ЛДПРhttps://t.co/wO0JvapW1Z

— Vladimir Zhirinovsky (@Zhirinovskiy) 4 Feb 2017

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to change the Russian national anthem. The Russian politician believes that the text needs to be rewritten, and the number of verses to be cut.