In each Kiev has a few thousand of debt for communal: how to pay and what will happen

In 2017 and utility services for Ukrainians was a record expensive. In may of last year Gcal of heat in the capital has risen from 657,2 to 1416,9 of the hryvnia, however, a tangible rise in price Kiev experienced only with the beginning of the heating season. Along with the rates are rising and debts to suppliers of heat. According to “Kyivenergo”, the population owed only for heating of 1.5 billion hryvnia. Those who cannot pay the bills, offer to restructure debt for five years and pay for parts. The website “Segodnia” found that threatens the debtors in 2017 and how to pay for communal.

Most debtors in one of the most expensive areas of the city

In recalculation on one inhabitant of the district the large debts for heat and hot water in Pechersk district – for each person has 2.9 thousand debt. At the same time a year ago, the debt per the population was 951 hryvnia, according to “Kyivenergo”. In sum, the people of Kiev should be the company of 1.9 billion, 1.5 billion of them – for heating.

“Now, more than 80% of the funds paid by the population for heat, go to payments for gas “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. This is almost 5% more than that laid down in the tariff for heat. Because of the low payments for the heat consumers, the government increases the percentage fees for gas. Thus, only in 2016 with “Kyivenergo” too, in addition to the tariff structure, was written off in favor of “Naftogaz” almost a billion”, – noted in the Department.

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According to official statistics, in December, the debt of Ukrainians for communal increased by 25.9%, or 4.15 billion hryvnia (to 20.18 billion). Most likely, during the summer, the debt level will decline, and by the end of the heating season, is expected to grow. So, in June 2016, Ukrainians paid 106% of the assessed amount for communal (overpayment went to the repayment of the debt). Among regions the highest level of payment in Kiev and Odessa regions (kzt137. 8% 132,9%, respectively).

In a typical high-rise building utility bills are not closed every fifth apartment. Most often debts accumulate over the winter, and in summer to repay. “In Kiev from the total number of personal accounts about 20%, or about 170 thousand apartments have debts for “a communal flat”. Of these, about 30% is to delay payment for a month or two” – says the General Director of “Center of municipal services” Katerina Sarkisova.

The Ukrainians, who can’t save up for a communal, state proposes to issue a grant. “Discount” can get even with debt. Least of all subsidianes in Kiev– about 20%. While the national average grant enjoys every second family, and the subsidy is more than 1500 USD. By the way, this year the subsidy will have to obtain 9 out of 15 million families, that is, the majority of Ukrainians. The subsidy depends on the size of the apartment, level of income and number of people in the family

Those who are not entitled to a subsidy, or have to save energy, or to pay huge bills.

What to do if you have accumulated debts

For debtors in the capital before the end of the heating season there is a “campaign” to restructure its debt for five years, and to pay installments. Almost all providers willing to sign a contract restructuring, says lawyer Alexander Plahotnik.

“We need to understand the enterprise. Heat, water, electricity – all product. Here, the company provided the product, and the money he received. What to do? You can negotiate with the debtor “and you pay a little, but the main Board”, or just to go to court. But a lot of the debtors and the court is more of an option when it refuses to pay”, – says the lawyer.

If you sign a contract restructuring, the debtor does not threaten the court, foreclosure of the property, the penalties and problems due to unfulfilled writ of execution (for example, restriction of travel abroad).

Another way for those who can’t pay, found in the Cabinet. The amount of heating bills can be reduced in two times. It is necessary to write the application service provider, after which all bills for heating will be divided in half, and come in throughout the year. That is, in the end, you will have to pay the same amount, however, not during the season, and for the whole year.

That threatens debtors

In the Law of Ukraine “On enforcement proceedings” says that the arrest of the only property of the debtor is possible only in case, if the amount of debt exceeds the amount of 20 minimum wages – that is the 64 thousand hryvnia (article 48 of the law). The Statute of limitations is three years. If you don’t pay five years in court have the right to recover only the amount for three years.

“After the court’s decision will have ten days to appeal. Then the meeting will be held with the invitation of the parties. You can always ask to restructure the debt, start to pay by instalments. The risk of losing the apartment is, so to speak, the most irresponsible citizens,” explains Alexander Plahotnik.

“After the court’s decision will have ten days to appeal. Then the meeting will be held with the invitation of the parties. You can always ask to restructure the debt, start to pay by instalments. The risk of losing the apartment is, so to speak, the most irresponsible citizens,” explains Alexander Plahotnik.

By the way, the court may also in debt to arrest, and then sell the car, appliances, or any other property. In the past year, says the lawyer Alexander Plahotnik in luck one of the debtors was arrested the apartment, and then sold it at a public auction. Homeowners do not pay for “communal” for many years. The apartment has sold about 450 thousand hryvnia, 50 thousand took “office”, and the remaining amount was given to the owners of the sold apartments.

By the way, in Ukraine the simplified system of debt collection. Any housing office may apply to the court by the debtor, then the decision will be made within three days. The court order on collecting of the property is issued without hearing and without calling the parties.

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Another opportunity to punish the debtor the penalty. In Parliament a bill “On housing and communal services” (the new law). If it will, soon Ukrainians will have to pay for each day of delay of an additional 0.1% of the debt.

“In case of untimely payment for utility services the consumer is obliged to pay a penalty in the amount established in the contract, but not higher than 0.1% for each day of delay of debt”, – stated in the bill. The maximum penalty cannot be more than 100% of the debt.

As noted by Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko, the bill is under constant monitoring by international partners of Ukraine, it should take this year.