The closure of the OSCE office in Yerevan the personal whim of the ruling family in Baku

“” Mr. Wipers, on-demand Baku in Yerevan office closes, the OSCE because this organization decisions are made by consensus. Earlier in 2014, was closed the OSCE office in Baku due to problems arising between the West and Azerbaijan related to the state of democracy in this country. How would you comment on the situation, what consequences could it have?

Denis Dvornikov: first and foremost, is a blow to the reputation of it is the OSCE. Armenia, unlike its Eastern neighbor, the democratic country with respect for freedom of speech, meetings. I would not rule out the version that such a decision is not without direct or indirect remuneration of those persons who are pushing a short-sighted decision. On the one hand, Armenia should not be much to worry about in this regard. On the other hand, I have been saying that we need to strengthen and revise diplomatic work. You need to act more harshly, to choose a new and talented staff for international activities, and if not, then at least to displace those diplomats who failed their mission.

Some Armenian political analysts believe that by this step Azerbaijan could push Russia, which at all dissatisfied as the work of the OSCE Minsk group and the whole organization, even though she is a member of the Minsk group. Is this possible?

— The OSCE is not one of those organizations that interest in Russia. On the contrary, the Minsk group is the only place where Russia and the West remain understanding. And I don’t believe that Moscow can destroy the possibility of contact. So, I don’t agree with some of the scientists. In my opinion, it’s a personal whim of the ruling family in Baku. At the same time — female part.

Azerbaijan prevents activity of the OSCE Yerevan office also for the reason that does not want to fulfill agreements reached in Vienna, in particular on the implementation of the line of contact investigation mechanisms and in this regard Russia is a shadow impact on Azerbaijan. Although Russia now is not so States, but in St. Petersburg this question was not included in the agenda. Russia is against the introduction of these mechanisms?

— Russia is not highly profitable new escalation on the border of Artsakh(Karabakh) and Azerbaijan, and the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, you need to remember that Russian officials and political figures are under cross-fire of the Azerbaijani lobbyists. In addition, international politics are also the mechanisms that the minds of the people in the tram — who is more stubborn and shameless, and he sits near the window. Who bole loudly and consistently strives to achieve compliance with its requirements, and to listen to.

— The United States urged the leadership of the OSCE and the Secretary-General to find new ways to ensure the organization’s presence in Armenia and the South Caucasus. You see the opportunity?

— More likely that the OSCE will intensify its activities in Georgia. This is the most obvious way out of the situation.

From the first to the fifth of may on the territory of Azerbaijan were the Azerbaijani-Turkish joint military exercises. Do You think it likely provocations by the Azerbaijani side on the frontline?

— Turkey and Azerbaijan can be expected by all. Even the most incredible.