Ukraine counts on 10 billion investment in the defence industry annually

Ukraine is interested in establishment of cooperation of defense industry enterprises, which lost in the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas, and talks with all potential investors. This was during the sixth international conference “Management in the security sector: production, sales and procurement of weapons,” said Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Yuriy Brovchenko.

“Today completed the interagency coordination program for the development of the defense complex until 2021. And she will soon be submitted to the government for consideration. There we have practically considered all comments of all Central bodies of Executive power. If we are talking about investment that are to be engaged in the context of the program of development of the defense complex up to 2021 – we expect to make annual investments accounted for anywhere from 5 to 10 billion a year,” said Brovchenko.

With regard to the corporatization of enterprises, in his words, has already completed the harmonization of the legislative act on this issue. “I think he will be soon submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. After its adoption, we look forward to the end of 2017, at least half of the enterprises to complete the corporatisation in order to begin attracting and finding investors. In this context, addresses the issue and renewal of production capacities and create new ones, or other projects that are envisaged in the context of this program until 2021. If we are talking about the production of munitions in Ukraine, it will not be one company with a closed cycle. This can not be a priori – is the cooperation of enterprises. Because some companies produce the means of initiation, other explosives, and others – gunpowder,” concluded Brovchenko.

In creating new production capacities and cooperation between enterprises of Ukraine in dire need. “We’re not much produced ever. Therefore, we need not only to deal with import substitution in the framework of what stopped the cooperation with Russia, but what is lost in the occupied territories. They still have something there to rebuild and create a new one. About 40 companies left in the Donbass and in the Crimea”, – said the chief researcher of the Department of military and military-economic policy of the National Institute for strategic studies Vitaliy Begma.

We will remind, the Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Yuriy Brovchenko said that two and a half years of confrontation with Russia, Ukraine managed to get to achieve import substitution 80% of the products of the military-industrial complex, which was previously primarily purchased in Russia.

The Director of military programs Razumkov Center Nicholas Sungurovsky thinks that the clash at the Donbass this is not about technological superiority but about the number of weapons.