Alfred Koch said the threat of assassination

On the evening of 7 February to mail to the former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Koch received a letter warning of the impending assassination. Text messages from some “Ramzan Mirzoyev from Chicago” politician has published in his Facebook.

The writer is a Koch to buy information about customers, the time and place of the assassination for $2000, – the “Gordon”.

In the comments Koch, who now lives in Germany, said that already contacted the police.

“Even looking at the IP address. It’s easy really. The administration of Facebook in Germany can easily do it. Well, then let Russian decide to give him, not to give,” – he wrote.

Russian politician, statesman and writer Alfred Koch, in 1997, held the post of Deputy Prime Minister, went to Germany in 2015. In their publications in recent years sharply criticized the policy of the current authorities of Russia.