Threat to the existence of the Alliance, the EU and the United States

“We are pursuing a foreign policy that is an expression of the democratic faith which we profess. We do everything we can to encourage free States and free peoples around the world to help those who are suffering and being oppressed in other countries, and to strengthen the democratic countries in their struggle against aggression.” (Harry Truman, the President of the United States, 1949)

From the moment President Truman uttered those words nearly 70 years ago, all the American presidents if they realized it or not, treated them very seriously. The idea that the United States would “strengthen the democratic countries in their struggle against aggression” and to support a system of “free Nations and free peoples” around the world, led to the creation of powerful alliances in Asia, as well as many transatlantic and European institutions that helped Europe remain safe, free, prosperous and associated with the United States allied relations: the Alliance, the Council of Europe and the European Union. Some of these institutions demanded that the United States significant costs, but because they are the foundations of American power in the world — the allies of the United States to promote American values and interests around the world — no the administration over the past 70 years tried to destroy them.

Once in January, Donald trump will assume the office of President of the United States, things may be different. Trump has made it clear that he is not interested to continue to promote the “democratic faith” of America and to maintain a special relationship with “the free States and free peoples.” We already knew that he wanted to see America, which enters into transactions in the name of narrow national interests. But can he go further?

In the last few weeks, some of the oldest and closest allies, the United States began to fear that the White house trump can not simply neglect them, as so often happened in the past, but to try to undermine their institutions and themselves. They’re particularly concerned about the relationship between the tramp, his senior adviser and chief strategist Stephen Bannon (Stephen K. Bannon), and Breitbart News is a site, which’bannon directed, before beginning work at trump. Inspired by his success in the United States, Breitbart News is now trying to capitalize on anti-immigrant and racist sentiment in Europe, imposing, fueling and using them to achieve the election of populists who belong to NATO with the same skepticism as the trump, and who will do their best to destroy the European Union.

The first were Germany and France, where on the eve of elections Breitbart announced its intention to launch a German-speaking and French-speaking sites. Line these future sites is quite predictable: Breitbart enthusiastically highlighted the actions and achievements of the “National front”, the radical French right-wing parties that openly took money from Russia and which is — among other things — for the abolition of NATO and the withdrawal of France from the European Union. Shortly after the US elections Marion Marechal-Le Pen (Marion Maréchal-Le Pen), the niece of the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen), tweeted: “I accepted the invitation of Stephen Bannon, the head of the election headquarters of Donald trump to work together.”

Breitbart quite often and in a positive way he writes about the “Alternative for Germany” new German anti-immigrant parties — and sharply criticizes the Chancellor of the country Angela Merkel. Does’bannon rapid growth of influence of the “Alternative for Germany” to the same extent as the growing influence of the “National front”? The leaders of the German party, too, expressed his admiration for Russia, his antipathy towards the US and a sceptical attitude towards NATO.

And, above all, does trump anti-American politicians? We do not know, but we have reason to make such an assumption. The answer may be hiding in nihilism’bannon, confidence trump in reducing the impact of the crisis and violence (“When the economy collapses, when the country heading for the abyss… there will be unrest that will get us back in the days when we were great”), and possibly in the close ties of the future of the White house with Russia.

Of course, the destruction of the transatlantic Alliance and the European Union may cause instability and reduced quality of life of Europeans, not to mention the violence and chaos of the present. Of course, instability in Europe contrary to the interests of American business and politics. But some can benefit from it. Russia will again become an important player in Europe. Plutocrats will earn in the catastrophe big money hedge funds are very fond of periods of instability. After the revolutions of power can come the most unexpected shapes.

Naturally, the team of trump, there are people who will not like the prospect of chaos in Europe. It’s hard to imagine a NATO like James Mattis (James N. Mattis) or Tillerson Rex (Rex Tillerson). However, since no one knows who will be the President’s ear, Merkel wrote one German newspaper has already begun to prepare for the worst.

We are experiencing an existential moment for all European leaders, most of whom are just starting to realize that Russia is determined to destroy the Alliance of Europe and America.

After just a few decades after Truman should they prepare for the fact that the us government will also want to do this?