Believe the anti-Semites and slaveholders – they don’t lie

There are words that are better not to say at all. And it’s not what you think. No, it’s not vile, obscene words, which, they say you can wash your mouth with soap. So, anyway, mother did Ernest Hemingway when he was a boy. In the future, the writer did not refrain, and washed away the bad word, as you know, the cocktail Daiquiri.

So, not vile and evil word that has long been well known that it is better not to say. You remember there was a time when the person could be called a “slave”. And this word was nothing special. More precisely, it is, of course, was terrible. But then people understood that you could not tell. Slaves were slave owners. There were, of course, and the great poets.

For example, Aeschylus Cassandra utters the wonderful words “and servant of the divine soul is.” This oxymoron. Slavery in Russia for the Russian canceled in the middle of the last century, but the words of Chekhov about the difficulties of squeezing the slave out of himself loved to repeat the whole, the Soviet century. Today, in the 21st century, about slaves speak in two senses of the word — literally and figuratively.

In the truest sense of the word slaves are very poor people, of which slave owners forced them to work hard for a pittance. Slaves is a brigade of beggars in trains and subways which contain slaveholders. Slaveholders are known to all — is enough to pull the thread that holds the precinct. But who will be contacted! For them, these slaves, not so much. Looking at them as homeless people, people, rather, internally rejoicing that they, not these foul-smelling creatures that are in voluntary bondage to our weaknesses or circumstances. I’m different. And while I myself am running at large, unable to use the word “slave” in the usual figurative sense, aren’t we all slaves, for example, habits, or passions? The word is offensive, and to treat him have to be very careful. Therefore, in disputes it is used only figuratively. And the slave said in a figurative sense of the word. But here it is just possible big trouble.

In Russia the word “slave” was traditionally substituted by the euphemism “serf”, and it is possible even knowledgeable people many decades away from a serious discussion of the problem of slavery. In the era of the collective farm system, and during periods of mass deportation or other persecution on this very basis of slavery. Try to only talk about slavery in Russia! Or about slavery, for example, peoples who by sleight of hand the Lord moved in cattle cars to somewhere far from home.

Why should you compare? It’s a completely different thing. But these things are not different. That’s exactly what it is — attributing to the people a slave of dignity in their natural totality. By weakness of mind people can not decades, to see the simple fact that their own belonging to ethnic, and tribal staff fictitious. After the great cataclysm, when this understanding is driven into the consciousness of the people by war or bombs, they — not all, of course, and only received special training — begin to understand and even gradually spreading around them a new philosophy of human rights, individual rights, her dignity, no connection to its origin or social status. Just because he or she is human.

But the other people, unfortunately, this understanding is not accorded automatically. This is for those people and a regime of political correctness: to wrong, toxic, as they say, the word didn’t Wake famously. From time to time people decision-makers had to undergo some training to distinguish between toxic and non-toxic in the languages. They are specially trained to control, and in this training there was a special section devoted to, for example, the Second world war and, especially, the fate of Jews, Gypsies, the disabled and homosexuals in the war. People seeking to carry out any of the posts in the hierarchy — judicial, administrative, military — explain, for example, in Germany, that the cause of the accident of their country in this war was nothing like the proliferation of ideas about the division of people into races, the sick and the healthy, worthy of extinction for any flawed and worthy of cultivation for belonging to the right race. It is in this sense of the famous phrase of Theodor Adorno, that after people were thrown, like a potato, you can’t write poetry. Although Adorno himself later rejected the severity of this judgment, it remains in force here in any form. Before you realize what you can’t abandon people like potatoes, don’t take Scripture verses. And in any case for the government.

But here goes a few generations. Voltage, which has experienced a society, have lost the war their sons and daughters is weakened. And can avoid the horror of the pool begin to climb out newbies, which, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, misunderstood what happened a few decades ago with their family and friends and with other people — victims or executioners, it does not matter.

Awoke to political life by people who think that they can be someone without becoming them. It could be Bjorn hake, German neo-Nazi and a representative of the party “Alternative for Germany”, which was announced two weeks ago a “disgrace for Germany” the establishment in the heart of Berlin, a monument to Jews murdered during national socialism. This can be a Russian politician and even the descendant of an entire noble family, which is the cause of the Revolution, who have rooted out all of his class, the Jews — in the most disenfranchised part of a Russian slaves, slaves of the Russian Empire, which with revolvers ran out of the pale of settlement, killed the priests and took over the temples.

Both of these statements — Tolstoy in Moscow and Hecke is in Berlin — not accidentally rifmovanih in recent days with the attempt of the new President of Donald trump to deny entry in the US “Syrians” or “the Iraqis” — as responsible for the crimes of terrorists. It’s very simple: the terrorists we identify along racial-religious lines. Among the KGB and the Communists were a lot of Jews, the terrorists among the Muslim Arabs. It is time, high time to point out this fact!

And for our latitudes it is useful to recall, “what have the Ukrainians”. Rhyme these statements and the words of the former prokurora of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya, trapped in his former state of Ukraine is under investigation for violation of the oath. The poor man called the authorities publicly devotional it States “the occupying regime”: so, after all, is the conscience of man, and a former Prosecutor understands that “cooperates” with the “occupation regime” it. And in order to justify, Natalka-Poltavka nashistskih era has to bring on former Ukrainian homeland — my new Russian.

All these statements — savage representation of an ignorant person about their own existence and the world as a sufficient basis for intervention in the lives of others. Aryan in Germany, a former nobleman from Russia, pravettoni from Ukraine, a billionaire from new York United thought and speech error. They badly studied at school and don’t know what do not leave people like potatoes.

People can not be assigned to slaves, Ukrainians, Muslims, Jews simply appropriated the right to dispose of other people’s fates on the basis that someone else speaks a foreign language to you, praying to other gods or does not look like you.

That’s why the literate part of modern society, regardless of their country of residence and origin, it is important to see what lights up then one garland: Peter Tolstoy and Bjorn Hecke really, not a joke, see the Jews as enemies of his tribe, his family, his territory, and it is a serious threat to all Jews, especially those naive that you can’t prove to the authorities their Russian identity, Orthodoxy and statehood: they are heartfelt greetings from Bjorn Hecke and Vladimir Ivanovich dal! Well, that still Peter Tolstoy gained momentum for the success of the business. And former prokurora Crimea to be liberated from unpleasant status under investigation of the violator of the oath, are quite willing to provoke a major war, and it is a serious threat to all Russians and Ukrainians. Well, that still it has not gained momentum for the success of the business. And President of the trump sees the Mexicans and Arabs, women and the media — disabled people, which must be kept in check. But he’s acting like a slave owner, who defeated the Yankees 150 years after the civil war. Well, in America there is a court, which can overrule the decisions of lunatics, wannabe slave owner.

Free people have to accept the word of the excited slaveholders seriously, no matter how imaginary it may seem, these slave owners.