The suspect in the attack on a mosque in Canada charged

Canadian police have charged the suspect in the attack on a mosque in Quebec, the Agency “France Press”.

Earlier it was reported that the only suspect in the attack on a mosque in the canadian city of Quebec remains 27-year-old Alexander BioNET.

According to the Agency, Bianet is accused of murder of six people. He also impute the blame for the attempted murder of another five people who are in critical condition in the hospital.

Currently, searches are carried out to detect evidence to pursue other charges, including terrorist activities, the Agency reports.

The attack on a mosque in Quebec was committed during evening prayer on Sunday. Two masked men opened fire when the premises were from 40 to 100 people. The victims of the attack were six people, according to doctors, at least 18 were taken to hospitals in the city. Five of them are in critical condition. Media reported that in connection with the attack detained two students of the local University: local native Alexander BioNET (Alexandre Bissonnette) and has Moroccan roots, Mohamed Ghadir (Mohamed Khadir). Canadian authorities described the incident as a terrorist attack.