Scientists have discovered how the deadly disease is provoked by energy drinks

Scientists said that in the process of implementation of experiments they were able to prove the negative impact of energy drinks on human health, writes “Orthodox”.

According to researchers from the University of Florida, the consumption of power contributes to the development of the deadly disease. Initiators of a complex laboratory observations argue that such drinks increase the risk of hepatitis C. it Should be noted that a daily intake of energy drinks might lead to serious violations in the activities of the liver.

As it became known, during the implementation of the experiments, the doctors analyzed the case history 50 year old male. The doctors had a diagnosis of a patient’s body, after which scientists were able to discover the cause of hepatitis C in representative of the stronger sex. The man led a healthy lifestyle and not use drugs.

It turned out that the patient within three weeks of drinking energy drinks. During the day he used up 5 cans of energy drinks. Such actions provoked the emergence of a deadly disease.