In the Lviv region the students burned the school to arrange a vacation

In the Lviv region two drunken students set fire to the school to steal a cool magazine. As told “Today” the speaker allpolicies the Lviv region Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, the “attack” on a school occurred in the small district center Turk.

“On Sunday evening we received a message from the fire that the local school lit floor. In place of the departed investigative team, which found the fact of arson. Involved in it — two teenagers, 13 and 14. Being drunk, they got into the room through the window, poured flammable liquid door class, which is one of the sacrament, and burned. Thus they wanted to steal the grade book with the grades” — said the press service of the Lviv allpolicies.

As found “Today”, one of the teen suspects is a student of that school. “He came to us to learn about two months ago, transferred from a boarding school — told us the Director of this educational complex Michael Blazhivsky. — But the magazine tried to steal not because of bad ratings, as you would think. The guy is now studying better than boarding school”. According to the Director, the boys just wanted to go on vacation.

“I asked him about why tried to steal the journal. He replied that he hoped, they say, until teachers make new, this time will not be assessments and the school will not have to walk,” says the Director. According to Michael Blazhivsky, the magazine to which a fire broke out, survived teenagers did not set fire to the office. Parents of schoolchildren while they threaten only fines commensurate with the cost of repairs.