Horoscope for June 18-24: the Twins not to flaunt love life, and Aquarius is waiting for slammed

ARIES. Focus on home, clean up the house, patching holes in psychic aura of family meetings in the household is a necessary attribute of existence. Now activate the spirit of pedigree, so to avoid problems the near-impossible — block cord power the genetic experience of previous generations of family.

Delve into the historical past of their region, explore national traditions, explore family roots. It is advisable to visit the place of birth, to reconnect with distant relatives.

In marriage give the reins of the pious.

TAURUS. You are charming, sexy than fascinate the opposite sex, but now is not the time for romantic exploits. Strengthen your marriage, now he rests not on the money of the companion, and a sexual magnet.

Relatives, colleagues, neighbors, friends planned a transformative health band, the relationship needs to move to a new stage of development. Summarize put points over “I”, and start anew taking into account previously admitted mistakes.

A business site should productively with partners, forget about independence, only in a harmonious team, you are able to show their talents, to become a generalist, adding to the Treasury of professional accomplishments.

Bet on career growth should not be here the fate of the vetoed primarily engaged in family chores. If the money is not enough, take additional tasks, podrabatyvaya on the side.

GEMINI. To the realization of desires green light. Self-esteem changes. But in order not to corrupt “want” to do the audit of the global values that will lose relevance, become obsolete, making way for new priorities. The main thing — to keep in balance the spiritual and the material. Not by bread alone.

Expand social circle, invest all the wealth in the family well-being, make important purchases, create peace of mind under a native roof. The energy is bubbling and needs to come out.

In the service of a positive atmosphere, and improve as a specialist and earn money.

The love Affairs under the stamp “secret”, not to emphasize on display of intimate life.

CANCERS. You will find a phase transformation. Most of the needs and desires rooted in the past, habits are changing dramatically, the flaws disappear. Faster complete unfinished tails, or later they will hang the ballast, preventing the progressive movement.

Do not let anything to chance, coordinate actions with married partners, employees. Heart and business harmony is impossible without solidarity support each other.

Stick to the point of exhaustion at work should not undermine health. Listen to the physiological rhythms of the body.

Ground for personal happiness — taking care of the family, the house is a blessed oasis. Remember this in moments of despair and joy.

LIONS. Personal initiative — the pledge of triumph on all fronts. However, public fuss now harm, do not get stuck in the collective disassembly, it will be confusing. Step into the shade, be a hermit. Alone will experience how to proceed. The inner voice will tell you the correct idea, informed decisions.

Not to scare luck, bite your tongue and don’t advertise what you’re doing. To care for the needy, actively engaged in charity. It must become an integral part of life, because it is farmed out to heaven for past sins.

VIRGO. You have to radically change direction. As it turns out, the old goal has exhausted itself, it is a natural process, it’s time to complete waste programs and transition to new benchmarks.

Consult with experienced colleagues, friends, family members, and prepare a productive business base, otherwise the grains of ideas and efforts will not yield the expected shoots.

Love the harmony, love the ideal close to. Live in perfect harmony and be happy. But care for the family is a cross of tests that need to bravely carry on.

LIBRA. In the area of personnel rotation, professional achievements, business planned reformatting. The main task — to have a good reputation from senior management. Love with all your heart chosen profession, avoid of malfeasance and take-off is guaranteed (increase of salary).

But if it’s not your calling, but only work for the money, it’s time to retrain to realize natural talents.

In personal relationships progress beyond friendship, she was the highest person of love and romantic passion — yesterday, this step is performed.

SCORPIONS. Career, business, professionalism is defining your reference point in life. Stay with individuals who share your views, interests and listen to their thoughts, borrow experience and promote achievements. But at the same time adhere to their own practical strategies.

Now your ideals get new paint, goes into oblivion that has exhausted itself and can no longer be the engine of the future. However, nature abhors a vacuum, to replace them will come new goals, plans, Hobbies.

Have breeding pairs hearts hammered in unison, enjoy a common pleasure.

ARCHERS. Other people’s ideas, tips — Holy. There is a radical modernization of the basic values that require tremendous psychological strength, an objective assessment of desires and possibilities, plus the heroic business acumen.

Get ready to teeter over the abyss of desires and possibilities, light bitter hops up does not happen. And remember, if yours is not reliable material, moral rear, to risk thoughtlessly contraindicated. Friends support, but provided that you for them a worthy mate.

If you become a target for villains, so you’re not a lilliput, as Gulliver in spirit and dangerous for them. Bravely hold on and not surrender to the forces of evil captured! This test (February to November).

CAPRICORNS. The interests of the environment are paramount. Be organized, tolerant, not blessingwhite business, a marriage partners. They are a bundle of emotions and risk in the expansive impulse under your provocative pressure to commit follies.

Take care of their psychological comfort, give the opportunity to pause, to rest, and then the best supporters and reliable allies, with whom you can go into the fire and into the water. And most importantly — love, she is the key to solving the most complex joint problems.

AQUARIANS. Pay attention to health, don’t panic about poor health is a consequence of the accumulated stress in the body, which is healing diseases.

At work is coming to Abraham here without you as without hands, if the ascent is vertical with the slip — motion on a horizontal perfectly. Handle the new responsibilities, always be in the wings, not avoid additional stress, overcome them! Generalist you’ll make a wonderful, and bosses will love it and money will be added.

Enthusiasts / daredevils skip ahead, let them fight. Your place on the rear flank.

FISH. Work for the good of others and the health improves. If marital relations have stalled, become a yoke on the neck, the best incentive for intensive care will contribute to the care of children, go on vacation together.

Joint creative activity, a hobby you will unite with relatives, so the options for keeping the marriage a lot of happiness, choose according to tastes and possibilities.

Lonely romantics love to hunt for left-wing Hobbies allowed. If it inspires you, go for it!