Turchynov on the Day of Kruty Heroes called to faith in God, self-reliance and Ukraine

Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov in connection with the anniversary of the Day of Kruty Heroes called to faith in God, self-reliance and Ukraine, as well as to honor the memory of fallen heroes.

“In the early twentieth century failed to unite Ukrainians for a worthy rebuff to the enemy and protect their freedom and independence. More than 70 years, we have lost our country. We got statehood and now, as then, she has to fight. As then, killed the best sons of Ukraine for an independent and unified State. But now we were able to stop the enemy and defend your country!” the letter reads Turchinov published on the official website of the NSDC on Sunday.

“Eternal memory and respect to the fallen heroes – the heroes of the twentieth century and their descendants of the heroes of the twentieth century!”, he said.

The NSDC Secretary noted that for real freedom, you must be strong not only as a country that is able to protect, but strong in spirit. He stressed that it is necessary day by day, step by step to liberate their land from the Russian aggressors.

“This is our way, and we will pass it to the bitter end! Faith: in God, in yourself, in Ukraine will win!” said Turchinov.

Recall that in 1918, the 400 brave young men – students and Cossacks “Vlingo kozatstva”, – to engage in an unequal battle, stopped in excess of ten times the Russian-Bolshevik army Mikhail Muravyov, advancing on Kiev under the slogans of “death to the bourgeoisie and the Ukrainians.”