Conchita Wurst wants to be a mentor

Three years ago, Conchita Wurst (Conchita Wurst) won the song contest “Eurovision”. Today she is in the jury of the musical show “Need 2” (It Takes 2) on the RTL channel. We were in the Studio at the moment recording a singer of several cover versions.

“I love music! Music is my life,” the 28-year-old Conchita Wurst smiles, stroking her black hair, they had ava Gardner. What can you say about a possible appearance in the program “It Takes 2” as a professional singer, as did your Austrian compatriot Christina Sturmer (Christina Stürmer)? “I don’t think I could decide on it,” says Conchita. Her eyelashes trembling. “I’m wildly impatient, she says. — I’m not very good at explain what I mean, when it comes to such things as unstructured music.”

For the past few weeks, Conchita is a member of the jury of this musical program on TV channel RTL.

“I was approached, and now every Sunday I assign the rating, and it will continue until February 12. Great fun. And since I’m in this show don’t sing a single note, my Manager in social networks Karsai Andre (André Karsai) came up with the idea that we can do and write some of my own cover versions of those songs performed in this show. As a gift to my fans, so to speak,” explains Conchita, which this year wants to release their second album too, with songs that she wrote.

This time the record will be made in a recording Studio in Meidling, the 12th district of Vienna. Here it was recorded Sarah Brightman (Sarah Brightman) — music star. Conchita, dressed in black, order a Cup of coffee “with a lot of milk, please.” It’s cold outside, half of the residents of the city have a cold. But Conchita is a tough. “I almost never get sick. And if you get sick it is still singing. With me it happens, as it happens with Opera stars, which cancel the performance due to cough or something like that. And when I have a little cold, the voice I think sounds much better.”

We will sing today? The song “Don’t dream it’s over” group Crowded House. A difficult song, said Conchita. High notes… Tragbarer Severin (Severin Trogbacher), accompanied on acoustic guitar. He came up with this arrangement — no electric guitar used in the original. And he did “Unplugged”, i.e. without connection to the amplifiers. Ingo Steinbach (Ingo Steinbach), the owner of the recording Studio, is also present. And sound engineer Andi Fugger (Fugger Andi). After ten or eleven attempts, the song was staged. “Sometimes all is just super, as, for example, today happily says Conchita. And sometimes it takes more time. It’s singing sometimes, it so happens, sometimes otherwise.”

And removed a small video. In the original you can see a lot of the Windows, the curtains swaying in the wind. Here the platform serves as a recording Studio. Andre Karsai shoots with a DSLR: “the time Lapse. This means that the video recorded with double frame rate and then played two times slower. As a result, every glance, every movement becomes smoother, softer…”

After three hours everything is removed — and now click on playback.