Ukrainians waiting for a sudden change in the weather: the forecast for the week

Output is expected cloudy weather, the temperature will fall to three to five degrees below zero, according to Ukrhidroenerho. But next week Ukrainians waiting for a cold snap in the East column will fall to 15 degrees below zero during the day. The website “Segodnia” find out what weather to expect Ukrainians in the next few days.

The weather forecast for a week

Saturday, January 28, in Ukraine, according to the forecast of weather forecasters, is expected to cloudy weather. Coldest this day in the East – here the thermometer in the afternoon will fall to the level of nine degrees below zero. In southern areas the day temperature will range from two to four degrees below zero. The same weather is expected in the center of the country. In the North, the West and in the capital – from one to three degrees below zero.

Forecast on January 28. Photo: Ukrgidromet

Sunday slightly colder in the East to seven degrees below zero. For the rest of the country the thermometer column will fluctuate between values of one to three degrees below zero.

Forecast on January 29. Photo: Ukrgidromet

January 30, forecasters predict the cold snap in the East up to 15 degrees during the day. In Dnipropetrovsk region in this day colder to 11 degrees below zero. In the North the temperature will drop to five degrees below zero. The capital may cold up to four degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

Forecast for January 30. Photo: Ukrgidromet

At the same time in the center and in the South the temperature will fluctuate between the marks of two to four degrees below zero. In the Western regions – from one to three degrees below zero. Throughout the country expected to be partly cloudy. The same weather is expected on January 31.

National weather forecast

28 Jan revered memory, informs a portal “Weatherman”. the monk Paul of Thebes and John the hut-dweller. In the old days there was a saying: “Peter-Paul day added” that pointed to the increasing light of the day. In the old days, to know the weather, watching the sky. If the stars are too shiny, to be frost, and if they dim, then it will be warm. If coming from the North come the clouds, the thaw was not expected. Snow storm day Paul foretold a strong frost at night.

January 29 is the day of adoration chains of the Apostle Peter. In people, this day is called Peter-polyorb, because until that time, the peasants went half the winter feed for cattle. On this occasion, the people noticed: “If the granaries of rye bread remained more than half, to be a good harvest”. The weather that day predicted winds: if it blow from the North side, expect a hard frost

30 Jan revered the memory of the monk Anthony the Great. In earlier times this day was called Anton Peresini — that January 30 was considered middle of winter. This day happened more often thaw, and behind them came severe frosts. Hence, a sign that winter heat is not to be trusted: “Peresini reassure, obtala, and then will deceive — all will pull together with a frost“. If Anthony the sky is overcast with clouds, expect a snowstorm.

January 31 venerated the memory of saints Athanasius and Cyril. This day was called the “Athanasius-clematis” because Afanasievskii was a severe frost: “Clematis freezes the nose”, “Came Athanasius Clematis — take care of cheeks and nose.” If this day was a purple sunset in the morning was expecting a big snowfall, frost and wind. The weather predicted and the ravens: if they flew in flocks, should have been preparing for strong frosts.

February 1 is the commemoration day of St. Macarius the Great. If Macarius the weather was clear or there were drops, expect an early spring: “If drops in the early spring believe.” But if the evening sky had many stars, the winter long promised to hold. If Macarius was circling the Blizzard, it is believed that it will still be Blizzard weather. This day was also called Gromnica, as it is the only day in the winter when you can happen the afternoon.