Lithuania has put Ukraine 146 units of lethal weapons

In 2016, Ukraine has received from Lithuania 146 units of lethal weapons development and production of the former USSR. The relevant data available in the database of the UN “about the global arms trade”, writes “UKRINFORM”.

In particular, Vilnius has put Kiev 60 machine guns KPVT (Vladimirov heavy machine gun tank, caliber 14.5 mm, mounted on a BTR) and 86 DShK (heavy machine gun dehtyareva-Shpagina, 12.7 mm, used on the machine and installed on the equipment).

These guns are in service with the Armed forces of Ukraine and is actively used in the confrontation of Russian aggression.

We will remind that earlier the country has set Ukraine 150 tons of ammunition, which were stored in the country since Soviet times.

Note that most of the foreign aid (18 countries), including in the form of military equipment and training soldiers, the Kiev receives from the United States, Britain, Canada and Lithuania. And only Lithuania has provided Ukraine with small arms and ammunition.