The ban on the import of books from Russia: Ukrainians are deprived of choice

The Ukraine for three months officially banned the import of books from Russia, including for personal use.

“News” decided to find out, how Affairs with Russian books the scribes of the capital. So, the sellers at the famous market “Petrovka” admitted that books in Russian language in Kiev buy more.

While sellers complained of “news” that the Ukrainian publishing houses are not able to compensate losses from the Russian ban on the books. The reason — lack of government support and relatively small (compared to the RF) experience in the publishing business.

“That is in Russian — the Ukrainian it is not there,” — said one of the saleswomen. For example, we are talking about history books and guide books (which in Ukraine, according to her, “nobody never even tried to publish in the Ukrainian language”).

And people read the literature in the Ukrainian language, need quality literature with high-quality translations, said the Ukrainians themselves.