Trump overturned Obama’s ban on the construction of two oil pipelines despite the protests of conservationists

The President of the United States Donald trump took introduced its predecessor, Barack Obama’s ban on the construction of two Keystone XL oil pipeline and Dakota Access, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine” with reference to art.

Trump concluded the agreements provide for negotiations for the implementation of construction and use for the construction of pipes of American manufacture.

Note, at the end of 2015, Obama has stopped construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which involve the transport of oil from canadian oilfields to refineries on the Gulf coast. This decision was taken in connection with the threat of the implementation of the agreement on the fight against world climate change.

Another stalled project is the Dakota Access in the state of North Dakota was supposed to transport oil from local fields in the oil terminals in Illinois. However, the construction was halted by the corps of engineers of the U.S. Army in connection with the protests of indigenous groups, the Sioux and, as a consequence, the need to find other routes.

As reported, the rest of the week Donald trump will be sworn in new Ministers of defence and national security of the United States James Mattis and John F. Kelly. And on February 28 it is expected that trump will speak at a joint session of both chambers of Congress.