The enemy of Ukraine and Georgia in the EU: what we know about the candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon

One of the favorites of the presidential race in 2017 in France is ex-Prime Minister Francois Fillon. According to the survey, Fillon will win the far-right candidate marine Le Pen if they both come out in the second round of elections in may.

Interestingly, in an interview with Le Monde, he said: “you just Have to accept that neither Ukraine nor Georgia can join the EU and NATO”.

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What do we know about Francois Fillon?

François Fillon, a member of Parliament and presidential candidate from the center-right party “the Republicans”. During his political career Fillon changed several Ministerial portfolios – Minister of labour and Minister of education in the government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin. Under President Nicolas Sarkozy Fillon was the Prime Minister of France and was on the post all five years of the presidential term the first.

In November 2016, according to the results of intra-party elections had been nominated for the presidency of France. To date, his candidacy is seen as the most likely winner of elections in April-may of 2017.

During the debate before the second round of intra-party primaries Fillon has described as absurd the policy of the current President Francois Hollande in relation to Russia. In his opinion, the world’s largest country and a nuclear power “it is impossible to do so.” He added that in the current situation it is necessary to sit down at the negotiating table and to restore the lost connection. In international politics, Fillon intend to ensure that France was defending its own interests.

According to a survey РОР2017, if the second round of elections in France will be françois Fillon and marine Le Pen, victory will go to the first. Data suggest that Fillon in the second round will gain 63% of the vote, while Le Pen with 37 percent of the vote.

Loud statements

The importance of cooperation with Russia, Fillon said repeatedly. So, in interview to the newspaper Monde published recently, the presidential candidate of France stated that the relations with Russia − a strategic issue for Europe’s future, and these relations should be restored.

“This is a country without democratic traditions, which has nuclear weapons. You have two options: either we are trying to reach agreement with Russia, or we who oppose it. Who might want a conflict with Russia? – he said, – Why do we need to deploy missile defenses near the Russian border? We made a lot of mistakes. I solemnly celebrate the Russian roll. And if we can bring Russia back to a more reasonable position? I don’t know, but it is imperative to try.”

In addition, Fillon believes that it is necessary to create a European defense Alliance, because “U.S. policy is that control of NATO, is not a solution against Islamic totalitarianism.”

Speaking about the European Union, Fillon called irresponsible statements of politicians, who wanted the entry of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.”Is it always the West was reliable? Not introduced if ever misled by Russia for Libya, in Kosovo, for economic partnership with the EU? Russia has a lot of responsibility, but not her. I will remind you about the irresponsible statements of those who wanted the entry of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO,” said Fillon.

The words of françois Fillon the appropriate mood in French society – analyst

The rhetoric of the candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon confirmed the desire of the French elite to the special relationship with Russia, the Director of the Institute of socio-political designing “Dialogue” Andriy Miselyuk. The expert noted that France had made a “zigzag” after the Euromaidan, the annexation of Crimea and events in Donbas, she was forced to change course, return to which supports and Fillon, and marine Le Pen.

“It is a confirmation of long-standing exchange rate of the Russian elite, which has always sought special relations with Russia. With regard to the question of support for Ukraine or Russia, she (France – Ed.) always been “misquotations” and not “kievienne,” says Miseluk.

Political analyst on international Affairs Oleg Voloshin said that the statements by françois Fillon in General the sentiment in French society. “France is one of the most skeptical in relation to Ukraine States throughout Ukrainian independence, says Voloshin, – Fillon is a striking expression of such nationalist sentiment…in fact I’m sure he really thinks so and it’s not directly related to Russia.”

First Fillon is set to tackle the problems in France – in particular the problem of international terrorism. In this matter France just might find common ground with the United States and Russia, believes the Head of the Agency for modeling situations Vitaliy Bala.

Ukra”just for this, in my opinion, and directed statements about the need to improve relations with Russia, says Ball,’ I think that in the first place, no matter what anyone said about Fillon, who would win in France, it will be primarily Pro-French President.”

“To defeat the Islamic totalitarianism.” Photo:

The expert noted that pre-election statements Fillon partly consonant with the statements of the President of the United States Donald trump – he talked about the return of the greatness of America, as Fillon says about the return of the role of France in the European continent, even in relation to the creation of a defence Alliance in Europe, not to depend on who the US President.

At the same time, the Ukrainian question is not a priority for France, says Bala. If this country would be beneficial to take into account the interests of Ukraine – they will do it, if not – then the French politicians will act in the best interests of his country, he says.

Another emphasis in the statements Fillon asked that Georgia and Ukraine will not be able to enter the EU. However, according to political scientist Vitaly Bala, the EU is experiencing a serious crisis, without permission which rely on expansion cannot be – while the EU will be reformatted, Ukraine does not have to rely on preferences.

At the same time, according to political scientist Oleg Voloshin, except for some of the Baltic States, Poland and the UK, which comes from the EU, other countries sought to bring Ukraine into the ranks of the Union.

“Nothing in practical terms will not change, because we do not move. But in terms of ideology is a very serious blow, this is for the Pro-European camp and the “party of war” – the opponents of any compromise with Russia is a very strong impact on their positions, which shows that the issue is not that someone is campaigning for the rejection of radical Pro-European course for Putin. Not in Putin’s case, but if doors are closed in the EU – what’s the point and even exacerbate the conflict with Russia, if still we don’t get EU membership because the EU does not want it,” says Voloshin.

Analyst Andrew Miseluk, in turn, noted that the issue of membership for Ukraine and Georgia to the EU is not on the agenda. Moreover, according to the analyst, the policy of France will not affect the Association of Ukraine and the EU. However, there is a risk that the foreign policy of Fillon if he becomes President of France, could affect the negotiations in the Normandy format between Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia on the war in the Donbass, said Miseluk.

“It is possible to foresee already that she (France – Ed.) will not “give 100″ to do there (in the Donbas – Ed.) de-escalation occurred. It will be more formal support for this format with a gradual extinction of activity in France”, – said Miseluk.

According to the expert, the policy of rapprochement with the Kremlin will lead to the fact that France will be more likely to hear Russian point of view that is radically at odds with the Ukrainian.