Expert about Carlsen and Karjakin: shock

Jon Ludvig hammer is really like.

30 days passed from the moment when they shook hands for the last time in new York, and here they are together again. Opposite each other, separated only by a chess Board.

In the fifth round of the world championship in blitz chess: Magnus Carlsen (Magnus Carlsen) and Sergey Karjakin got back together in battle with each other.

She ended with a rematch in a row, although not too large.

For a long time, the party took place exactly, but then Carlsen lost his Queen after, said NRK expert Torstein BAE (Torstein Bae), “mistakes of a beginner”.

Carlsen has continued to resist, but, in the end, lost.

Actually, it’s a shock

This defeat could potentially be decisive in the fight for gold. Because Karjakin and Carlsen — two main favorite to receive the gold medal of the world Cup in Qatar after the first day of competition.

Each of them after 12 rounds on 10 points. This is 1.5 points more than his pursuers. Carlsen brilliantly made it to the leading team after six wins in their last seven games.

“I always expect a quality game from Magnus. In rapid chess, I was somewhat disappointed. But today he showed good-quality old game,” says Jon Ludvig hammer, number two in chess Norway and good friend of world champion.

“Magnus played very well, and just shock that he’s not leading the tournament. And Carlsen and Karjakin has shown today class.”

I have to concentrate on their game

So the rivals meet on Friday. During the tournament on Thursday, Carlsen, meanwhile, said that he was not upset by the success of Karjakin.

During the world championship in rapid chess in the past year, Carlsen was also leading after the first day. But then broke down and in result finished the competition in sixth place. So it’s not relaxing, after a brilliant performance on Thursday.

“It’s very good, but I know that behind me are a lot of very good players, and I have to play against the best to win here,” said Carlsen in an interview with NRK.

Uncontrollably forward

Jon Ludvig hammer did not think that Carlsen will break today.

“The last time it broke because I lost the last batch on the first day (Karjakin — approx. journalist) and could not get rid of thoughts about this defeat. This time, he won six parties, and in the seventh game tied. Why does he feel the satisfaction, and Magnus with a sense of satisfaction going forward irresistibly,” says hammer.

NRK: who do You think will win the competition — Carlsen or Karjakin?

Hammer: Carlsen is the best, so I think he wins.