An incredible twist: the midwife delivered a baby and she gave birth in a few minutes

In Kentucky the midwife took birth from a woman, even though she was nine months pregnant – reports

Birth from 38-year-old Leah Halliday-Johnson proceeded rapidly, and the doctor on duty at this moment was not there. In the house two floors up on keeping lay one of the midwives of the hospital, she noticed the message about emergency deliveries at nursing panel and hurried to help.

The husband of the mother was surprised the clothes of the midwife, but Amanda explained everything and started to work. In the end, the birth went well but Leah didn’t even notice that the midwife looks strange, since it had previously provided her advice.

When Hess returned to the house labour’s begun to accept it. After 11 hours on the date of birth of the child Amanda.

We will remind, the baby was born at the height of nine kilometers above the earth.