The United States will deploy in Poland a thousand military

USA in April 2017 will throw about a thousand troops on the Eastern border of NATO in Poland.

This is stated on the Twitter page of command of American troops in Europe.

In particular, the connection will be sent to the town of Orzysz in North-Eastern Poland at the end of March with a base Vilseck in Germany. Its members will include several armored vehicles, self-propelled mortars and howitzers.

During redeployment of the American military will arrive to Poland through Germany and the Czech Republic.

Note, this is the epitome of a Pentagon taken in July of 2016, the NATO summit steps to strengthen the Eastern flank of NATO, which provided for the sending of the compounds of the NATO in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States to deter Russia’s aggressive policy.

It is noteworthy, along with its US military personnel posted in these countries, Germany, Canada and the UK. At the same time NATO is not going to stop the negotiation process with Russia.