McCain criticized trump, but happy with his team

Us Senator John McCain is pleased with the new team at the White house, however, is not very fan of US President Donald trump for his statements. He said this live on ABC News, reports

He noted that, though not satisfied with the President himself, but the team he chose is sensible.

“He’s done a lot of conflicting reviews,” said McCain.

At the same time, he noted that he intends to support in the upper house of the US Rexamillion candidacy for the position of Secretary of state.

“I will vote for his candidacy,” the Senator said, calling it a “daunting challenge”.

The Senator also commended the other nominees in the office of the trump. He stressed that he has “full confidence” in the national security team of the new President. In this regard, he noted James Mattis (the new Minister of defense Michael Flynn (Advisor to the President for national security Affairs) and Dan Coates (Director of National intelligence).

“The best team I would not have chosen,” said McCain.

Earlier, us Republican senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain urged the elected President of the USA of Donald trump to continue sanctions against Russia. McCain said that a hacker attack from Russia is not confined to elections and pose a threat to U.S. security.

Also McCain gave Trump some advice on how to deal with Putin. The Senator hopes that trump and his team will take a hard line in relations with Moscow.