The former head of “Ukravtodor” have gone astray: who is Novak and what the consequences of his arrest

Slawomir Nowak was arrested on suspicion of corruption. The myth of honest foreign experts is rapidly deteriorating

Major news Monday was the detention in Poland of the former Minister of transport in this country, the former acting head of “Ukravtodor” Slawomir Nowak. The fact that the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors and Central anti-corruption Bureau of Poland jointly investigated with the autumn of last year, promises to be not only loud, but also have certain political consequences in Ukraine.

Detention and searches

Of course, the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and previously worked closely with Western colleagues: one of the first bright and loud examples of such cooperation can be called the case of ex-Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko. However, perhaps for the first time law enforcers have worked so synchronously and smoothly. In addition, as noted in the NEB, is the first in the history of our country the case where an especially grave corruption crime solved by the efforts of the joint investigation team.

On Monday morning, appeared in the media information about the detention of the Polish police ex-Minister of transport of Poland, the former acting head of “Ukravtodor” by Novak and several persons, suspected of corruption. Later it became known that NABU and SAP conduct searches in the structures of “Ukravtodor” in Kiev and Lviv. Exactly the same searches at the same time the Polish law enforcement authorities at the addresses associated with the defendants in the case. In General, the searches were conducted at 50 locations in two countries.

In the afternoon the head of the NABOO Sytnyk and acting head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office Maxim Grischuk gave a briefing for journalists during which he revealed some details of the case.

Common cause

It turned out that the anti-corruption authorities of Poland and Ukraine have begun an investigation into the actions of the former head of “Ukravtodor” and the group of persons independently from each other.

“The anti-corruption Bureau under the supervision of Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors led criminal proceedings against officials of “Ukravtodor”. Namely, it was found that a number of persons were created the criminal organization that was aimed at stealing funds from international organizations that have allocated money for repair of roads in Ukraine”, – said at a briefing Sytnyk.