Russia in the era of Donald trump

There is nothing surprising in the fact that one of the first world leaders who congratulated Donald trump with victory in the presidential election of the United States, was Vladimir Putin.

After Putin’s return to power in 2012, the Russian President has made tremendous efforts to raise the prestige of the country and is doing everything to ensure that Russia was among the world’s superpowers. To achieve this goal, Putin has skillfully exploited all the weaknesses and mistakes of the West, showed an unbending will, and gained the trust of the absolute majority of Russians.

Sometimes Putin’s actions are directed against Western powers perceived as reckless. An example is Ukraine. When Putin saw that Ukraine is seeking membership of the European Union and NATO, he took advantage of the crisis situation in Ukraine and annexed the Crimea, and also provided comprehensive support to the separatist forces in the Donbas. His firm decision not even affected by high financial costs due to the imposition of Western economic sanctions.

In the middle East, Putin went on confrontation with the West, providing military and economic assistance to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and thus radically changed the balance of forces in the region. Considerably strengthen the position of Putin in Europe, where the presidential elections in Moldova and Bulgaria won the Pro-Russian leaders. The Kremlin maintains close ties with the right-wing candidates for the post of head of state in several Western European countries.

Without going into details of possible Russian intervention in the race in the United States, it should be noted that the election of Donald trump President of the United States will have serious consequences for the Kremlin. It should be noted that the world community and the media excited is not the fact of intervention of a foreign state in the election campaign, and that suspicion fell on Moscow. Is not a secret that previously observed facts, when from abroad, pressure was put on the election process.

There are a number of positions on which the views of trump and Putin are the same. First, it concerns their relationship to the economy and society. And trump and Putin believe that they should be closed at the national level.

Secondly, their views coincide on the way to combat terrorism, which will undoubtedly lead to a convergence of the positions and actions of Washington and Moscow.

Thirdly, they are supporters of the exclusion of the EU negotiation process as a mediator in settling international conflicts, which significantly reduces the role of Europe in the global system.

And last, election trump in Moscow there are more chances for the West to recognize the annexation of Crimea and canceled economic sanctions against Russia.

But we can hardly talk about the “honeymoon” in relations of Russians and Americans. Trump as a bright representative of big business and not having enough political experience will no doubt put their own interests above any Alliance. Why Russia is interesting only from a functional point of view to achieve certain objectives.

In addition, it is obvious that the Kremlin and the White house have different opinions of the role of China in the international system.

Finally, we should not forget that the new White house administration includes representatives of former military and military-industrial complex, which support strengthening of military power of the United States that cannot but worry Moscow.

During the election campaign, trump said that his main goal will be the implementation of the principle of “America first”. So US foreign policy will be based on this principle.