A novel trump of Russia — the tower full of oligarchs

At the 78th floor there is Russian, which one oligarch was once accused of having links with the mafia and extortion. 79-m — Uzbek-jeweler, in respect of whom investigation in connection with money laundering and who was eventually killed on the street in Manhattan. And four floors above the Pro-Moscow Ukrainian politician, whose party has hired an Advisor to Donald trump.

When 20 years ago at the United Nations Plaza, 845, construction began on the tower Trump World Tower, the tallest in the country residential tower (90 floors), the floors with the most expensive apartments attracted the attention of the wealthy received their money from the Soviet Union. These people Sorovskie a lot of money was the Trump need. At the time he reviewed the conditions of the placing “junk” bonds in the amount of $ 1.8 billion for the repayment of loans for the construction of its resorts in Atlantic city and tower Trump World Tower was built when he had a lot of debts to German banks. Trump wrote in his book “the Art of return” (The Art of the Comeback), “she destroyed my ego, humiliated my pride, forced to go hat in hand to bow to the bankers.”

A weakness that trump has in Russia, has always been a mystery, and the key to this puzzle may be that a large number of apartments in their buildings he sold to people associated with the former Soviet republics. “We have very serious buyers from Russia and the Ukraine, and Kazakhstan,” says sales agent Debra Stotts (Debra Stotts), which was engaged in “settlement” of the tower Trump World Tower. The upper floors remained unsold for many years, but as shown by a study conducted by Bloomberg, buyers of a third of the apartments sold at 76-83 floors by 2004, there were individuals or limited liability companies associated with Russia and its neighboring States. In the preparation of this article was conducted over two dozen interviews and analyzed hundreds of documents available in open access in archives in new York.

1990-ies was to trump a sobering decade and it is noteworthy that among those who helped him get out of this period, there are people against whom he shows his deep devotion. Among the buyers of the apartments in the tower Trump World Tower — the adviser of the President of Kellyann Conway (Kellyanne Conway) and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen (Michael Cohen). Cohen was persuaded to buy an apartment in the tower and family of his Ukrainian wife. Most of the apartments had been bought before the end of construction, and price were not disclosed. Tower Trump World Tower has become a model for future development projects — money for the construction came from sales made in Moscow.

Two months before in October 1998, the trump “laid the first bricks”, Russia declared a default, with the internal debt of 40 billion dollars, the ruble collapsed, and some of the largest banks began to crash. Millionaires trying to get their finances abroad — including in new York. Real estate is a safe haven for foreign investors.

Reporting system special requirements does not imply and is the preferred method of translation of cash of dubious origin. On the background of the crisis and confusion buyers have discovered that are ready for sale projects is not enough. And tower Trump World Tower, which opened in 2001, has become a significant Depository of Russian money.

Sam Kislin, a Ukrainian immigrant who issued mortgages to buyers of apartments in the World Tower at a cost of several million dollars. Very unusual, that individuals were given official credit for the purchase of real estate in the United States, and, according to the documents, freely available, loans to buy apartments in trump tower was the only one that Kislin had ever given in new York.

Almost 20 years earlier Kislin sold Trump about 200 televisions on credit. “I gave him 30 days and within 30 days I paid for them, says Kislin, who is now 82 years old. — With him I never had any trouble.” He said that the TV was intended for the Commodore Hotel, which trump bought in 1976, the Hyatt Corporation.

Trump bought the TVs in the electronics store, which Kislin opened in new York with an immigrant from Georgia, Tamir Superom. The store was well known to the people of the USSR, who bought it in the video players and recorders and took them home. Sapir later made a fortune on trading Russian oil. He invested the proceeds in real estate in new York, eventually becoming one of the partners of trump in the project on construction of the Trump SoHo — which often causes the most problems when it comes to trump’s financial ties with Russia and the dubious Russian money. In 2014, Sapir died.

Kislin was the organizer of the fundraiser to the electoral Fund of Rudolph Giuliani (Rudolph Giuliani) during the election for mayor, collecting for the future faithful companion trump the millions of dollars. Kisline in respect of which the FBI in the 1990-ies conducted an investigation about his alleged ties with the mafia and money laundering from Russia, no charges, was not charged, and he maintains his innocence.

Kislin has provided a loan to buy the apartment on the 83rd floor of Trump World Tower Vasily Salygin — in future high-ranking member of the Ukrainian Party of regions, associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Salygin has held his post at the same time, when the Advisor of the Party of regions was by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul). Subsequently, Manafort was the Chairman of the electoral headquarters of trump, but then it all began to sound criticism due to its Russian ties, and he was forced to resign.

Action on selling a Russian apartment in Trump World Tower intensified in 2002 when the international network of real estate agencies of Sotheby’s International Realty has entered the Russian company Kirsanova Realty. This property along with apartments in the Trump-owned condo in the West side and the building on Columbus circle in Manhattan was presented at the presentation in a posh Moscow hotel “Baltschug Kempinski”.

A native of Uzbekistan, a diamond dealer Eduard Nectars purchased apartments on the 79th floor (directly under the apartments Conway) in July 2003 for $ 1.6 million. Federal agents conducted against him, the investigation in connection with his participation in money laundering scheme — in particular, in the melting of gold in order to resemble ordinary objects, which are then transported to the drug cartels in Colombia. A month after buying Nectars sold their apartment and earn 500 thousand dollars. Less than a year later Nektarov, which is rumored to have cooperated with authorities, was shot on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.

Simultaneously with the construction of the tower developer Gil Désert (Gil Dezer) with his father Michael were built with the support of the trump condominium in Sunny Isles beach, Florida. “Russians love a brand of trump,” he says, adding that Russians and Russian Americans bought in the buildings they built for trump, and about 200 of 2000 apartments. According to him, Russians rushed to buy housing in buildings owned by Trump, in the period from 2001 to 2007, helping Trump to survive the crisis in the real estate market.

“Owned by the main company Trump, The Trump Organization is a global brand, and she, like any other company conducting real estate transactions was probably buyers from among the representatives of different social groups having different past, wrote in an email to Vice President of marketing Amanda Miller (Amanda Miller). — Constant attention of the press and its continuing attempts to invent a history which simply does not exist, are misleading and are a manipulation of the facts.”

Sales agent Stotts helped to rent the apartment, owned by those who invested in the construction of the tower World Tower. Her first task was to settle in apartments of Cohen after he moved to Park Avenue 502 to another building owned by Trump. Three months after the New York Post reported that Cohen and his Ukrainian relatives bought an apartment in World Tower, trump took it to work.

In 2008, the eldest son of trump, Donald Jr., said, “We are seeing from Russia poured large funds.” What he meant, and failed to find out how and how much it is important for the explanation of favor of trump in relation to Moscow. However, part of the reason might be those hundreds of millions of dollars that saved residential towers of trump in the period when it was financially vulnerable.